Tuesday, January 16

monday, monday (yeah. i know. it's tuesday)

sunday was travis' 19th birthday! so we had dwight lee's family over for a lasagne dinner. three cheers for a husband with a great meal he can dazzle the crowds with. he learned from his grandmother who was born in italy! bravissimo! the crowds were dazzled and i believe a great time was had by all. i agree with kim, i love when the whole family is together. our house is small, and we are loud, but i think that's what makes it fun!!!

the journal pictured above is my creation for Emily Falconbridge's creative challenge over here. i'm so glad she started this! i love seeing what others are doing, as well as having a prompt for a creative excercise. this week she asks what we find {{powerful}}. i choose images.

for the past few years i've been tearing pictures i out of magazines. not knowing what to do with them, they've sat in a side drawer for years. after seeing this i was so happy! i aDoRe Pam Garrison's style, and this is the perfect home for all my clippings.

i sometimes think i have no creativity of my own, and i very well may not. i guess that's why i am so thanksful for these girls that share, inspire, and teach. thanks for your generous spirit, and the knowledge that there are those of us, who need a bit of motivation in order to unleash our own creativity.
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