Wednesday, January 3

a new year, a new look

what do you think? it's not often we ask for other opinions, but i'm asking. i had gotten tired of the dark side and have crossed over to the bright side of the street. welcome!

well, my working roll has continued ie, that {{to do list}} is getting smaller and smaller. i have no idea where the energy and ambition is coming from, as this mother has no "little~helper", but i'm taking advantage and enjoying it. if i can keep it coming, this place i call home will sparkle soon. just in time for travis' 19th birthday on the 14th. my husband sayes can always tell when family is expected as those long put off chores are finally attended and our castle really shines! i say {{maybe i should have company, more often}} no? if that's what it takes to get around to the bump and grind of deep cleaning, so be it.

last week, in my cleaning and purging extravaganza, i completely overhauled my scraproom. i emptied the closet, cabinets, and the floor! yes, the floor, aka catch all. the next day when i wanted to finish, my husband had other plans and wanted to tackle the garage. it needed to be done, and so i conceded. we can actually get two cars in the two car garage, so now my audi has lots of space around it, and i'm not dingging my door every time i open it. the scraproom however, is still waiting to be put back together, and revamped. it has been decluttered, but not finished. that is the one thing i want to accomplish this week, as i am desparate to get back to scrappin, book altering, and testing out my new sewing machine {{thanks santa baby}}.

i am also back in the saddle as far as the next ten lbs. i am happy i have been able to maintain the previous loss, but am ready to loss the next ten. wish me luck... one friend who has always struggled with wieght sayes, "if it tastes good, spit it out!" i laugh every time i think of that. so true. another friend who is very small, but constantly works at it sayes, "if you want to be thin, you have to always be hungry." again i fear this is true. c'est le vie

in other news i am excited to have this start today. i am hopeful much will be raised for the Kim family. i can't imagine what they are going thru without their beloved husband/father, and to have financial worries on top would only take away from the healing process. my thoughts and prayers are with them.

be happy bloggies!
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