Monday, January 8

our love shack

as i mentioned last week, my husband and i have been busy sprusing our nest. it's small and cozy, but home~sweet~home. and it's feeling so much sweeter for our efforts of late.

my scraproom is finally under construction. not literally, but a much needed figurativly. here is my desk now. i am so happy with the way it turned out! after searching some saved pictures over at two p's, i finally decided to decopage my desk top. its an old heavy wood desk, and wasn't much to look at. i love it now. the hutch is from Pottery Barn. i love the bedford line, but wasn't about to invest in a new desk, being that i already have two desks in the room. i was thrilled last week when i found this hutch on clearance {{in the dinged and dented corner}}. little things really do mean a lot!
PS although the hutch and shelf above the desk look a bit caddy~wampas, IRL it is straight.

thanks to miss emily falconbridge, i finally have gotten a bit further in this little alter to my grandfather. it's an altered cigar box. i am not finished but thought i'd share it anyway. emily is starting a little something of an inspiration on her blog over here.

after painting the dinning room wall yesterday, thou we no longer have a dinning room, but the beginnings of a family room...

my husband decided to repaint the living room floor! mind you he hates to paint! alas there was no stopping him. he started it, didn't like what he saw, and late in the afternoon i finished it.

i wonder what's next? although i still have no idea where the motivation for all of this is coming from, i'm sure glad its here!! viva home improvments!!!
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