Monday, January 29

Teresa McFayden, Sweetpea's, and more...

this past weekend had that magical feel i get every december with christmas. CHA being in town has brought a bevy of great teachers i have longed to take classes with, and get to know a little more about.

yesterday i was up in LA at Sweetpea's and Snapshot's for Teresa McFayden's class. this shoppe is darling cute. if i could make one change, it would be to make all of their display items for sale! they have this store dressed as sweetly as can be. unfortunately much of the eye candy is just that. boo hoo.... i could easiely picture my studio looking so scrumptious.

but here is where this store gets it right!!!! they had my faVoRite scraPpY giRl ever! the one and only devine Miss Teresa McFayden! .... and to think i'd only signed up for the class the day before (long story). i adore teresa's style, and so wanted to go to Silver Bella last fall, but didn't. when i found out she was going to be in town, i knew these would be the classes for me! lots of other stuff got in the way, and saturday i finally came to my sences and booked the class regardless. i truely couldn't be happier! teresa is just as friendly, and charming as i'd imagined. we made these cute, and clever altered houses. her's is pictured on left, mine on the right.

this little cutie took the class as well!

this was the last of three classes the lovely Miss M taught this weekend at Sweetpea's, and she shared all of the projects she'd made. i appreciate seeing these things in person. as i have said before, i'm not one to shop online. i find it very deceiving. i can't tell how big something is, or see the quality. i just don't like it. but, just as with jenni's class, this really helps me know what i can expect when ordering in the future. as a matter of fact, last night when i got home, i got right online to check teresa's site PaperBella to see just what i've been missing.

it has been such a great weekend. with all the buzz in the scrapbooking stores about CHA, i feel just as excited with be given the chance to take these great classes. i have one more class left, tomorrow night with teresa collins back at scrapbook oasis. it is sure to be fun.

if you ever have the chance to take a class with someone you admire, i hope you take it. it's not solely about the project. i get much out of working with these women, and seeing thier creative process, and sharing thier energy. i am glad i have today to absorb every bit of goodness teresa mcFayden shared yesteday. i feel as thou i've been sprinkled with {{pixie dust}}. i can't wait to see what i'll make next.
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