Tuesday, February 27

it's good to be home

we were treated to the cold, rainy weather of northern california. it's my favorite! i miss having at least some pretense of winter, as we have had so little rain this year.

here's a look at the few things i found on our {{fun}} weekend away. all of my treasures are finding a second home at our house, with the exception of the repro French jar, which i love! i always look forward to a stop at the cigar shop for boxes to alter. i especially like the way two have lids that slide up to open. i don't have any plans for them but knew i had to pick them up now, as i'd never be able to find them should a project call for such a box. murphy's law, right?

i aDoRe the cover illustrations of the 3 standing books! i can't wait to alter these! i picked up 4 others that i used as risers for the black & white jar. they are all nice in one way or another. either by way of illustrations, or cover design. i think the books and cigar boxes were $20 total. amazing how little you can spend in a weekend when you scout out thrift and consignment shoppes.

does anyone know what the "D.R.W.W" inscribed below could be? i'm betting it will be rebecca that figures this out. she is so clever, and can't stand an unsolved mystery!! if any of you know, please tell me. my curiosity is getting the best of me.

i think the illustrations in this book, are an added bonus!!!

don't you love the scrolling on the pages? i know i'll be tearing out, and using heaps of these.

here is a look at the book i started last week. i've embellished a bit more, attached the pages to the spine, and will continue to work in it. i love how things evolve until at last, they tell you they are finished. it's not quite there yet, but i thought i'd share the progress it's making.

i picked up the "baby baby" ribbon at The Apple Farm this past weekend.

again, it isn't complete, but closer. thanks to all the goodness shared among bloggers, i have so much inspiration. i sort of count this a group effort, among the bloggers who sites i devour! thanks for sharing, and thanks for feeding my creative side.

and now for the peice de resistance...
this little cutie's facia was all over my sister's room in jr high! i found him at the thrift is san luis, for a whopping 50 cents. i am going to alter him into a birthday card for my sister's birthday next month.

time to "da do run, run, run. da do run, run...
happy week to you all.

Friday, February 23

Oh haPPy dAy!!!

i am one happy girl this morning!!! happy friday to you all.

first i am thrilled beYonD thriLLed that this little chickie {{Teresa McFayden}} is having a truck show!! shhhh... although i wish heaps of sales to her, i must admit i am a bit nervous as i am going to be out of town and want some little special token, from this creative wonder that i so admire. i loVE her stYle, and baby has she got it!!! between her and Pam Garrison, i could go broke if they ever opened up shoppe!!! so thankful for the heads up, on the sale. keeping my fingers crossed for some luck in the "gotmesomefoofalagoodness" department.

i'm also happy because this morning we leave for the coast. i know, i know. i live on the coast, well sorta, actually about 10 miles. but every year my husband and i meet my cousin and her husband in San Luis Obispo. it's a small collage town on the central coast of california. picture rolling hills, and oak trees, and lots of college town fun!!! so loVe it there. this year we have 2 other couples joining us, and much fun is sure to be had. will post photos, of the shananagans. {{wink}} i'm already ploting how i'll be able to keep one eye on {{my MinUtia}} while i'm away??? any suggestions?

i still have a few things to do before we leave, but wanted to drop a little line to you before heading away. hope you all have a happy, fun weekend as well. be good chickas (and chicos)!!

Wednesday, February 21

a little something, for a new babe on its way

a few quick pics of an as yet unfinished little book for our first grandaughter due in may. hopefully this and another for her mother will be done in time.

i hope to find something {{super spiffy}} to adorn the cover.

remember, be kind. i've only just begun the bases for most of the pages, and have been lurking about blogger, and flickr to gleen some inspiration for the next step. i love all the talent that can be found in cyber space!

i've just a one more load to toss in the wash, another to fold and hang, dinner to figure out, a drop off to the post, floors to vacuum, 1 stinkin' copy of the new Somerset to find, and then...

i can get busy on Hailey's little book again.
wish me speedy hands and feet at the to do list!

Tuesday, February 20

show and tell

this is the newest kit from my uber talented friend Rebecca Sawyer, over at Scraps of Time. she just sent me this book and a few kits of her latest creation, Lettres d'Amour. oh, if i could only create these little works of art, that seem to pour out of her! this is done in the daisy d's paper, and unfortuantely my pictures don't do this book justice. i wanted to share them anyways, sorry!

this little treasure, which is very limited, is available at Scrapbook Oasis. Check our her blog here, she has some photos of past work posted there. oh, she can also be seen in Stampington publications, where she has 10 page spread! i love that she is finally being recognised for her talent!

thanks for the book rebecca, sure do love the goodies you send my way. what i ever did to deserve these is beyond me, but oh so appreciated!!

Sunday, February 18

Love & Marriage

this has been a week full of love. love playing with flickr, creating moo cards {{can't wait to get those little beauties}}, planning a little weekend trip away with family and friends. just some good stuff going on, and to look forward to.

ethyn was completely impressed with his first candy necklace. a little valentine's treat from grandpa & nanny, aka: dwight & i.
for any of you who are new to the neighborhood, ethyn is our grandson.
{{our baby}}
pictured below, is 19 now!! yikes! how'd that happen so fast?
oh, and NO! ethyn isn't travis', he is our daughter jamie's son!

saturday was dwight's birthday, and also
the biggest night of the year for
The Long Beach Bow Hunter's archery club he belongs to. it was the annual awards dinner. travis, dwight and i went, and met my inlaws there. lotsa love shown to dwight lee on his special day!

i was happy that he was able to celebrate with family & friends.

here he is, dancing as he's going up to get an award. celebrate he did. so much so, that
the birthday boy was helped to our chariot,
and the evening was cut a bit short. no worries, much fun was had by all while it lasted.

thanks for the hand guys, you rawk!

today we helped kim & daniel paint Hailey's room.
26 weeks down, 14 to go!
can you believe she's only gained 9 lbs, at 6 1/2 months?
i gained 9 lbs in the first nine minutes of being pregnant! good for her! we've all wondered if her tiny figure would change much with hailey's impending arrival. so far so good, lucky girl!

gotta love a guy who jumps onto the closet to paint up there for us. way to go, daddy~O. not that we could have counted on grandpa today. he was downstairs recouperating with a blankie, and the clicker.

In Other News:
when i got home i was so happy to find rebacca's kits waiting for me! her book is fabulous and can be seen here. but be forewarned, the pictures don't do this one justice. i am always amazed at rebecca's work and the quality of her kits. you can get them at Scrapbook Oasis, but they are limited! run, don't walk!!

i'm hoping to stay home this week and get a bit of creating done, should the foof~a~dust still linger about. one can never tell. i'll be sure and post pics of any little thing that comes this way. be happy people!

Saturday, February 17

flickr update....

this is the message i just recieved from Flickr...in repsonce to the issue in the previous post.

This is an automatically generated copy of a help case reply:

In the early hours of Saturday morning one of our image caching servers became polluted during a network outage resulting in incorrect images being served into photostreams.

Flickr staff became aware of this shortly after 7:15 PST and the issue was resolved by 7:55 PST.

Part of the fix included flushing the image server cache. If you're still experiencing odd photos in your photostream, it's likely that your browser has cached a few of the incorrect images. Shift + Reload (Return) should correct this. If it doesn't , there's more information in the Official Flickr Help Topic for steps you can take:


We're very sorry for any concern and or inconvenience that this may have caused.

oh my goodness! quite a morning wake up, to have porn where i expected to see something pretty. yikes! now, if what your expecting is a racey little pic, that's one thing, but with my morning danish... that creates quite a stir around here. i almost ruined my new jammies, spraying coffee all over them!

ok. on with the weekend. let's hope that's all the excitement i'll be facing today.


in my last post i was thrilled to be onboard the Flickr~mobile. BUT watch out!!! Flickr has been hacked into!!!

this morning i was looking at a friends pictures in her flickr acct and was SHOCKED to see some womans naked tushy staring back at me!!! i e-mailed her, as it was clear this wasn't her picture... when you click on the picture, the REAL picture you should have shows up. after alerting her... i thought i'd better have a look see at mine, and low and behold, i too had been the victom of someones off colored joke! i have alerted Flickr to the problem, but until then you may want to take a look at your photo's. until this is resolved, i have removed my flickr link from my blog.

i haven't deleted the effected pictures, as i want Flickr to be able to see what is happening here.

also, some pictures on my friends Flickr site, look fine, until you click on it to open it, and then quite offensive, graphic photos have been added.

thought you'd like to know!!!

Tuesday, February 13

i flickr, do you?

oh my, pam was right! last week she mentioned said one could easily loose an hour on flickr. i've lost a bit more than that there the past two days. i shake my head at my reluctance to, and eventual giving in to new ideas. i figure if i haven't used something until now, why would i in the future. do i need it? no. but FUN, oh my! i joined and lost myself in a world of inspiration! i LoVe iT!!!

besides that, i have been on a thrifting binge. that's how i spent yesterday morning, as well as today. i don't know why i can't remember that i live in a small place. it's a cottage really, size wise at least. but that hasn't stopped my habit of late. i found a few treasures {my favorite pictured below}, something special to alter ( i'll share once i finish), and a few things to make one 4 year old i know quite happy. the latter have already headed home, so i will share those another day.

i aDore this cinderella and coach! it was overpriced, but that didn't stop me from bringing it home. i held onto it for over an hour in the store, as thou the look on my face would will the manager into appoaching me to see if she could possibly lower the price. but now that it's home, no regrets. it makes me happy everytime i look at it.

this afternoon ethyn and i made cupcakes for our {{sWeetHeaRts}} in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow. just as we were finishing, and i was taking a photo, e spied grandpa pulling up the drive. that was it. he was off of that washer faster than fast. my work had been done, and he was off to see the big guy.

that's the way it should be i suppose. who wouldn't want this reaction when someone they love see's them? here's wishing you someone who looks at you this way. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 12

Discovery Science Center, Nordstrom and my guys

such a nice weekend , and a bit out of the ordinary.

my husband usually works saturday, and makes an attempt to take sunday off (contractor. you know the type. workaholic, never say no). because the weathermen called for rain this weekend, he hadn't planned any work. it's been a long time since he's spent a Saturday with ethyn and i, our playday!

after reading this, i told DW i wanted to make a quick stop at Scrapbook Oasis before we started our day. in the 13 years i have been scrapbooking, i don't think my husband has ever been in a scrapbook store. ethyn one the other hand, is a regular here and headed for the toy basket straightaway. mr warren looked around as i tryed to shop the grab~quickly, make~this~painless, don't~take~to~long, don't~grab~to~much, but don't~miss~a~thing way, so as not to turn the banker off to this in the future. {we will be going to san luis in a few weeks and i want to seek out any local hot spots they may have} the plan... show him how quick and painless this is. do you blame me? i say take every advantage of every opportunity, to show the one you love that this is an experience not to be feared. he even pulled out his card to pay, proving to me my mission was accomplished! then again, maybe i am just lucky enough to have an understanding, good guy husband.

ethyn and i have longed to check out the Discovery Science Center for a long time. none of us had been there before, and mr warren was agreeable. we all loved it... the bed of nails, the hurrican similator booth (dwight did this, as e was a bit apprehensive. so funny to see grandpa's hair, and clothes blowing about in 78.8 mile per hour winds), pitching cage that records the speed of your pitch, another favorite for grandpa, watching others play virtual volleyball, rock climbing wall, reaction-time-thingy (i got stuck here). this is one fun place. it had been quite a few years since dwight was surrounded by so many little ones. we found ourselves in the middle of bustling fun, and laughter. i recommend this place to anyone with kids 3-4 and older.

ethyn and i were even treated to lunch at Nordstrom after! we both agree, grandpa is welcome to join us for a saturday playday anytime he can!

sunday i meet my inspiring friend kelly at Ever After for cropping. she planned to make a valentine for her husband. that sounded like agood idea, and after finding a few key items there, i decided to do the same. i'll share the photos tomorrow. i still may do a bit of fussing to make sure they are give~worthy, but am happy thus far. too, i think i'll count these as my entry for miss emily's 52 week challenge. is that cheating?

all in all it was a very nice weekend... lite, fun, and productive. here's to hoping this week proves to be more of the same...

Thursday, February 8

bloggin is fun!

i love a good find, and this week has been especially fun seeking out new treasures.

a few nights ago, while peeking around blogland, i happened onto a few beautiful sites. one is Little Pink Studio, another is Flea Market Studio, and yet another is Velvet Strawberries. on the later, andrea shares a diamond she was lucky enough to find. take a look at this on her blog, {{Velvet Stawberries}}. seeing and reading this post, gave me the {{thriftin bug}}. it's always lurked about, but sometimes it flares up. after hearing about pauline and her scrapbook (started 80 years ago), i was off to see what hidden gem i could find. although nothing as striking as Andrea's priceless treasure was in the cards by me, i'll share a few trinkets i brought home.

these books by M. Sasek make me happy. i have a few and was happy to find "This is Paris" for $2.00, brand new, with the tag still attached! i love this "Tour Eiffel" mug by Rosanna for .99 as well. these "His" & "Hers" are my favorite find this week, and were a mere .99 each
these "bride" & "groom" glasses {$1.99 ea} were a bit difficult to photograph, but i think you can see thier charm. they are old and, i think, quite beautiful.

the blue beaded plate above was $1.79, the old dictionary (1942 edition) was $1.00, numerous old patters were .20 each, and the letter organizer started out with original wood finish and was $2.00. my grand total $14.00 spent. finding all these lovely little studio additions...

now that my surroundings have been sufficiently sprused,
lets see if it influences my creativity!

Wednesday, February 7

i thought i'd give y'all a quick peek at the construction going on at my house. this is my "very fine house" made at SweetPea's and Snapshot's with the very foof~a~fied miss Teresa McFayden. i'm not quite finished as we are still consulting a decorater.
this is my color almanac, made from a kit i was lucky enough to pick up from miss foof, as well. i just adore her style. i am hoping a bit of it has rubbed off on me, as i was in her presence last weeknd. a girl can dream can't she?
and this little box, will house a wedding gift. now, i don't actually have wedding i am going to. but when i am invited to the next one, this will grace the gift table for the happy couple. i made it as part of a book project. unfortunatley, we are excluded from using {{any words}}! who'da thought you couldn't use words when wrapping a gift box?! another is in the making and when i know a bit more about this project, you'll be the first i tell!
off to walk in the fog.
crazy california weather!
have a great day.
My dear friend Rebecca Sawyer at Scraps of Time, is making these lovely Valentine's Day/Love books. Be sure and click on "view sellers other items" to see the 2nd book she made. She is unbelievably talented, and you will be amazed at the quality of materials used, as well as the quality of her work. take a peeky~weeky if you dare! you can see more of her work here where she has a 10 page spread of her work. these could make a lovely treat for someone special.... i wonder if mr warren will read this?!

Monday, February 5

beads, wire wrapping, and necklaces!

do you ever get completely obsessed with something new? this happens to me quite often. i'm beginning to think, i've some sort of illness!
here is what has consumed my thoughts and hours the past week, among other things...

mind you, i don't even wear jewelry! i hope this isn't a serious case of what~ever~it~is i've got! i can tell you, it is serious fun making these necklaces. the first necklace picutured is made with my grandmother's locket. it's about the only thing from my mothers family i have. i got this {{took it from my mothers jewelry box i think}} when i was about 11. foolishly, i took the pictures of my grandparents out of it, about the same time. i could kick myself now!! the second picture is the same necklace, taken of the clasp in back. i made a little dangle~bead~thingy to dress it up.

i made this one first with earrings to match. it may be a Valentines gift for my daughter. daughter... i hope you're not reading this!!

these little frogs {{that form a cake when stacked}} came home with me last week as well. i have longed for one since seeing them. so why not have 3? the more the merrier, right!

i love this old hotel bell i picked up at a yard sale this weekend for $1.00 i put it on our entry table, and my husband and grandson cannot walk by it without ringing it. boys will be boys!
ethyn declared it the dinner bell, and so on super bowl sunday as his mother was making him a snack plate, he sayes...
"just ring this bell when my dinner is ready."

made us smile.

Sunday, February 4

super bowl sunday ~ ho hum

here i sit
mac book in lap
a pretense really to be interested in the game
i'm in front of the tv with the rest
laughing at {{some of}} the commerials

pizza baked
salad served
even a fresh pitcher of fresh lemon-aide made
thanks to ethyn

does this earn me brownie points
as a wife who doesn't begrudge football

but in my heart
i am perusing the isles at target
shopping michaels for sales
or even at a thirft store
anywhere but here really

but then again
i'm sick
i've been fighting a cold all week
must have been all the fun
last weekend

i have a few items to share
that will have to wait until tomorrow
my secret of watching
might be out with the masses
here in the livingroom

until tomorrow
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