Monday, February 5

beads, wire wrapping, and necklaces!

do you ever get completely obsessed with something new? this happens to me quite often. i'm beginning to think, i've some sort of illness!
here is what has consumed my thoughts and hours the past week, among other things...

mind you, i don't even wear jewelry! i hope this isn't a serious case of what~ever~it~is i've got! i can tell you, it is serious fun making these necklaces. the first necklace picutured is made with my grandmother's locket. it's about the only thing from my mothers family i have. i got this {{took it from my mothers jewelry box i think}} when i was about 11. foolishly, i took the pictures of my grandparents out of it, about the same time. i could kick myself now!! the second picture is the same necklace, taken of the clasp in back. i made a little dangle~bead~thingy to dress it up.

i made this one first with earrings to match. it may be a Valentines gift for my daughter. daughter... i hope you're not reading this!!

these little frogs {{that form a cake when stacked}} came home with me last week as well. i have longed for one since seeing them. so why not have 3? the more the merrier, right!

i love this old hotel bell i picked up at a yard sale this weekend for $1.00 i put it on our entry table, and my husband and grandson cannot walk by it without ringing it. boys will be boys!
ethyn declared it the dinner bell, and so on super bowl sunday as his mother was making him a snack plate, he sayes...
"just ring this bell when my dinner is ready."

made us smile.
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