Saturday, February 17


in my last post i was thrilled to be onboard the Flickr~mobile. BUT watch out!!! Flickr has been hacked into!!!

this morning i was looking at a friends pictures in her flickr acct and was SHOCKED to see some womans naked tushy staring back at me!!! i e-mailed her, as it was clear this wasn't her picture... when you click on the picture, the REAL picture you should have shows up. after alerting her... i thought i'd better have a look see at mine, and low and behold, i too had been the victom of someones off colored joke! i have alerted Flickr to the problem, but until then you may want to take a look at your photo's. until this is resolved, i have removed my flickr link from my blog.

i haven't deleted the effected pictures, as i want Flickr to be able to see what is happening here.

also, some pictures on my friends Flickr site, look fine, until you click on it to open it, and then quite offensive, graphic photos have been added.

thought you'd like to know!!!
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