Thursday, February 8

bloggin is fun!

i love a good find, and this week has been especially fun seeking out new treasures.

a few nights ago, while peeking around blogland, i happened onto a few beautiful sites. one is Little Pink Studio, another is Flea Market Studio, and yet another is Velvet Strawberries. on the later, andrea shares a diamond she was lucky enough to find. take a look at this on her blog, {{Velvet Stawberries}}. seeing and reading this post, gave me the {{thriftin bug}}. it's always lurked about, but sometimes it flares up. after hearing about pauline and her scrapbook (started 80 years ago), i was off to see what hidden gem i could find. although nothing as striking as Andrea's priceless treasure was in the cards by me, i'll share a few trinkets i brought home.

these books by M. Sasek make me happy. i have a few and was happy to find "This is Paris" for $2.00, brand new, with the tag still attached! i love this "Tour Eiffel" mug by Rosanna for .99 as well. these "His" & "Hers" are my favorite find this week, and were a mere .99 each
these "bride" & "groom" glasses {$1.99 ea} were a bit difficult to photograph, but i think you can see thier charm. they are old and, i think, quite beautiful.

the blue beaded plate above was $1.79, the old dictionary (1942 edition) was $1.00, numerous old patters were .20 each, and the letter organizer started out with original wood finish and was $2.00. my grand total $14.00 spent. finding all these lovely little studio additions...

now that my surroundings have been sufficiently sprused,
lets see if it influences my creativity!

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