Monday, February 12

Discovery Science Center, Nordstrom and my guys

such a nice weekend , and a bit out of the ordinary.

my husband usually works saturday, and makes an attempt to take sunday off (contractor. you know the type. workaholic, never say no). because the weathermen called for rain this weekend, he hadn't planned any work. it's been a long time since he's spent a Saturday with ethyn and i, our playday!

after reading this, i told DW i wanted to make a quick stop at Scrapbook Oasis before we started our day. in the 13 years i have been scrapbooking, i don't think my husband has ever been in a scrapbook store. ethyn one the other hand, is a regular here and headed for the toy basket straightaway. mr warren looked around as i tryed to shop the grab~quickly, make~this~painless, don't~take~to~long, don't~grab~to~much, but don't~miss~a~thing way, so as not to turn the banker off to this in the future. {we will be going to san luis in a few weeks and i want to seek out any local hot spots they may have} the plan... show him how quick and painless this is. do you blame me? i say take every advantage of every opportunity, to show the one you love that this is an experience not to be feared. he even pulled out his card to pay, proving to me my mission was accomplished! then again, maybe i am just lucky enough to have an understanding, good guy husband.

ethyn and i have longed to check out the Discovery Science Center for a long time. none of us had been there before, and mr warren was agreeable. we all loved it... the bed of nails, the hurrican similator booth (dwight did this, as e was a bit apprehensive. so funny to see grandpa's hair, and clothes blowing about in 78.8 mile per hour winds), pitching cage that records the speed of your pitch, another favorite for grandpa, watching others play virtual volleyball, rock climbing wall, reaction-time-thingy (i got stuck here). this is one fun place. it had been quite a few years since dwight was surrounded by so many little ones. we found ourselves in the middle of bustling fun, and laughter. i recommend this place to anyone with kids 3-4 and older.

ethyn and i were even treated to lunch at Nordstrom after! we both agree, grandpa is welcome to join us for a saturday playday anytime he can!

sunday i meet my inspiring friend kelly at Ever After for cropping. she planned to make a valentine for her husband. that sounded like agood idea, and after finding a few key items there, i decided to do the same. i'll share the photos tomorrow. i still may do a bit of fussing to make sure they are give~worthy, but am happy thus far. too, i think i'll count these as my entry for miss emily's 52 week challenge. is that cheating?

all in all it was a very nice weekend... lite, fun, and productive. here's to hoping this week proves to be more of the same...
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