Saturday, February 17

flickr update....

this is the message i just recieved from repsonce to the issue in the previous post.

This is an automatically generated copy of a help case reply:

In the early hours of Saturday morning one of our image caching servers became polluted during a network outage resulting in incorrect images being served into photostreams.

Flickr staff became aware of this shortly after 7:15 PST and the issue was resolved by 7:55 PST.

Part of the fix included flushing the image server cache. If you're still experiencing odd photos in your photostream, it's likely that your browser has cached a few of the incorrect images. Shift + Reload (Return) should correct this. If it doesn't , there's more information in the Official Flickr Help Topic for steps you can take:

We're very sorry for any concern and or inconvenience that this may have caused.

oh my goodness! quite a morning wake up, to have porn where i expected to see something pretty. yikes! now, if what your expecting is a racey little pic, that's one thing, but with my morning danish... that creates quite a stir around here. i almost ruined my new jammies, spraying coffee all over them!

ok. on with the weekend. let's hope that's all the excitement i'll be facing today.
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