Tuesday, February 13

i flickr, do you?

oh my, pam was right! last week she mentioned said one could easily loose an hour on flickr. i've lost a bit more than that there the past two days. i shake my head at my reluctance to, and eventual giving in to new ideas. i figure if i haven't used something until now, why would i in the future. do i need it? no. but FUN, oh my! i joined and lost myself in a world of inspiration! i LoVe iT!!!

besides that, i have been on a thrifting binge. that's how i spent yesterday morning, as well as today. i don't know why i can't remember that i live in a small place. it's a cottage really, size wise at least. but that hasn't stopped my habit of late. i found a few treasures {my favorite pictured below}, something special to alter ( i'll share once i finish), and a few things to make one 4 year old i know quite happy. the latter have already headed home, so i will share those another day.

i aDore this cinderella and coach! it was overpriced, but that didn't stop me from bringing it home. i held onto it for over an hour in the store, as thou the look on my face would will the manager into appoaching me to see if she could possibly lower the price. but now that it's home, no regrets. it makes me happy everytime i look at it.

this afternoon ethyn and i made cupcakes for our {{sWeetHeaRts}} in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow. just as we were finishing, and i was taking a photo, e spied grandpa pulling up the drive. that was it. he was off of that washer faster than fast. my work had been done, and he was off to see the big guy.

that's the way it should be i suppose. who wouldn't want this reaction when someone they love see's them? here's wishing you someone who looks at you this way. Happy Valentine's Day!
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