Tuesday, February 27

it's good to be home

we were treated to the cold, rainy weather of northern california. it's my favorite! i miss having at least some pretense of winter, as we have had so little rain this year.

here's a look at the few things i found on our {{fun}} weekend away. all of my treasures are finding a second home at our house, with the exception of the repro French jar, which i love! i always look forward to a stop at the cigar shop for boxes to alter. i especially like the way two have lids that slide up to open. i don't have any plans for them but knew i had to pick them up now, as i'd never be able to find them should a project call for such a box. murphy's law, right?

i aDoRe the cover illustrations of the 3 standing books! i can't wait to alter these! i picked up 4 others that i used as risers for the black & white jar. they are all nice in one way or another. either by way of illustrations, or cover design. i think the books and cigar boxes were $20 total. amazing how little you can spend in a weekend when you scout out thrift and consignment shoppes.

does anyone know what the "D.R.W.W" inscribed below could be? i'm betting it will be rebecca that figures this out. she is so clever, and can't stand an unsolved mystery!! if any of you know, please tell me. my curiosity is getting the best of me.

i think the illustrations in this book, are an added bonus!!!

don't you love the scrolling on the pages? i know i'll be tearing out, and using heaps of these.

here is a look at the book i started last week. i've embellished a bit more, attached the pages to the spine, and will continue to work in it. i love how things evolve until at last, they tell you they are finished. it's not quite there yet, but i thought i'd share the progress it's making.

i picked up the "baby baby" ribbon at The Apple Farm this past weekend.

again, it isn't complete, but closer. thanks to all the goodness shared among bloggers, i have so much inspiration. i sort of count this a group effort, among the bloggers who sites i devour! thanks for sharing, and thanks for feeding my creative side.

and now for the peice de resistance...
this little cutie's facia was all over my sister's room in jr high! i found him at the thrift is san luis, for a whopping 50 cents. i am going to alter him into a birthday card for my sister's birthday next month.

time to "da do run, run, run. da do run, run...
happy week to you all.
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