Wednesday, February 21

a little something, for a new babe on its way

a few quick pics of an as yet unfinished little book for our first grandaughter due in may. hopefully this and another for her mother will be done in time.

i hope to find something {{super spiffy}} to adorn the cover.

remember, be kind. i've only just begun the bases for most of the pages, and have been lurking about blogger, and flickr to gleen some inspiration for the next step. i love all the talent that can be found in cyber space!

i've just a one more load to toss in the wash, another to fold and hang, dinner to figure out, a drop off to the post, floors to vacuum, 1 stinkin' copy of the new Somerset to find, and then...

i can get busy on Hailey's little book again.
wish me speedy hands and feet at the to do list!
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