Sunday, February 18

Love & Marriage

this has been a week full of love. love playing with flickr, creating moo cards {{can't wait to get those little beauties}}, planning a little weekend trip away with family and friends. just some good stuff going on, and to look forward to.

ethyn was completely impressed with his first candy necklace. a little valentine's treat from grandpa & nanny, aka: dwight & i.
for any of you who are new to the neighborhood, ethyn is our grandson.
{{our baby}}
pictured below, is 19 now!! yikes! how'd that happen so fast?
oh, and NO! ethyn isn't travis', he is our daughter jamie's son!

saturday was dwight's birthday, and also
the biggest night of the year for
The Long Beach Bow Hunter's archery club he belongs to. it was the annual awards dinner. travis, dwight and i went, and met my inlaws there. lotsa love shown to dwight lee on his special day!

i was happy that he was able to celebrate with family & friends.

here he is, dancing as he's going up to get an award. celebrate he did. so much so, that
the birthday boy was helped to our chariot,
and the evening was cut a bit short. no worries, much fun was had by all while it lasted.

thanks for the hand guys, you rawk!

today we helped kim & daniel paint Hailey's room.
26 weeks down, 14 to go!
can you believe she's only gained 9 lbs, at 6 1/2 months?
i gained 9 lbs in the first nine minutes of being pregnant! good for her! we've all wondered if her tiny figure would change much with hailey's impending arrival. so far so good, lucky girl!

gotta love a guy who jumps onto the closet to paint up there for us. way to go, daddy~O. not that we could have counted on grandpa today. he was downstairs recouperating with a blankie, and the clicker.

In Other News:
when i got home i was so happy to find rebacca's kits waiting for me! her book is fabulous and can be seen here. but be forewarned, the pictures don't do this one justice. i am always amazed at rebecca's work and the quality of her kits. you can get them at Scrapbook Oasis, but they are limited! run, don't walk!!

i'm hoping to stay home this week and get a bit of creating done, should the foof~a~dust still linger about. one can never tell. i'll be sure and post pics of any little thing that comes this way. be happy people!
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