Friday, February 23

Oh haPPy dAy!!!

i am one happy girl this morning!!! happy friday to you all.

first i am thrilled beYonD thriLLed that this little chickie {{Teresa McFayden}} is having a truck show!! shhhh... although i wish heaps of sales to her, i must admit i am a bit nervous as i am going to be out of town and want some little special token, from this creative wonder that i so admire. i loVE her stYle, and baby has she got it!!! between her and Pam Garrison, i could go broke if they ever opened up shoppe!!! so thankful for the heads up, on the sale. keeping my fingers crossed for some luck in the "gotmesomefoofalagoodness" department.

i'm also happy because this morning we leave for the coast. i know, i know. i live on the coast, well sorta, actually about 10 miles. but every year my husband and i meet my cousin and her husband in San Luis Obispo. it's a small collage town on the central coast of california. picture rolling hills, and oak trees, and lots of college town fun!!! so loVe it there. this year we have 2 other couples joining us, and much fun is sure to be had. will post photos, of the shananagans. {{wink}} i'm already ploting how i'll be able to keep one eye on {{my MinUtia}} while i'm away??? any suggestions?

i still have a few things to do before we leave, but wanted to drop a little line to you before heading away. hope you all have a happy, fun weekend as well. be good chickas (and chicos)!!
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