Tuesday, February 20

show and tell

this is the newest kit from my uber talented friend Rebecca Sawyer, over at Scraps of Time. she just sent me this book and a few kits of her latest creation, Lettres d'Amour. oh, if i could only create these little works of art, that seem to pour out of her! this is done in the daisy d's paper, and unfortuantely my pictures don't do this book justice. i wanted to share them anyways, sorry!

this little treasure, which is very limited, is available at Scrapbook Oasis. Check our her blog here, she has some photos of past work posted there. oh, she can also be seen in Stampington publications, where she has 10 page spread! i love that she is finally being recognised for her talent!

thanks for the book rebecca, sure do love the goodies you send my way. what i ever did to deserve these is beyond me, but oh so appreciated!!
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