Sunday, February 4

super bowl sunday ~ ho hum

here i sit
mac book in lap
a pretense really to be interested in the game
i'm in front of the tv with the rest
laughing at {{some of}} the commerials

pizza baked
salad served
even a fresh pitcher of fresh lemon-aide made
thanks to ethyn

does this earn me brownie points
as a wife who doesn't begrudge football

but in my heart
i am perusing the isles at target
shopping michaels for sales
or even at a thirft store
anywhere but here really

but then again
i'm sick
i've been fighting a cold all week
must have been all the fun
last weekend

i have a few items to share
that will have to wait until tomorrow
my secret of watching
might be out with the masses
here in the livingroom

until tomorrow
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