Wednesday, February 7

i thought i'd give y'all a quick peek at the construction going on at my house. this is my "very fine house" made at SweetPea's and Snapshot's with the very foof~a~fied miss Teresa McFayden. i'm not quite finished as we are still consulting a decorater.
this is my color almanac, made from a kit i was lucky enough to pick up from miss foof, as well. i just adore her style. i am hoping a bit of it has rubbed off on me, as i was in her presence last weeknd. a girl can dream can't she?
and this little box, will house a wedding gift. now, i don't actually have wedding i am going to. but when i am invited to the next one, this will grace the gift table for the happy couple. i made it as part of a book project. unfortunatley, we are excluded from using {{any words}}! who'da thought you couldn't use words when wrapping a gift box?! another is in the making and when i know a bit more about this project, you'll be the first i tell!
off to walk in the fog.
crazy california weather!
have a great day.
My dear friend Rebecca Sawyer at Scraps of Time, is making these lovely Valentine's Day/Love books. Be sure and click on "view sellers other items" to see the 2nd book she made. She is unbelievably talented, and you will be amazed at the quality of materials used, as well as the quality of her work. take a peeky~weeky if you dare! you can see more of her work here where she has a 10 page spread of her work. these could make a lovely treat for someone special.... i wonder if mr warren will read this?!
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