Thursday, March 29

this is L.A.

i can hear the music. sheryl crow singing a sunny, happy song about the city i live in. 12 years ago i moved away. on the day i moved back 2 years later that song was playing as i drove wind~in~my~hair back to the place i call home. i love that song to this day, for being the sound that welcomed me.

for some of us from the city of angels, we would rather differentiate between LA & the OC. those from {{the oc}} believe it to be, or sound better than, "i'm from LA". we all know, we don't live under the downtown overpasses, as we fear others may believe if we don't make it clear, and explain... i'm from south orange county, or 90210, or newport. we can be so silly! after all,
LA is fun. there is so much to do, and see, so many great restaurants, shoppes, and hotels. i for one, love LA!

i also think i am pretty typical, in that i don't take advantage of everything the city offers. that all changed yesterday. i went with a friend right to the heart of LA. you know, garment district, flower district, toy district
(who knew?). yes there were a few homeless people, yes it was a bit dirty but we had a great time. we go to paris, new york and san francisco and don't think a thing about it. but for some reason we look at the city of angels in a different light. i never once felt unsafe in the least. we saw women you know have the right zip code mingle, talking with, and shopping right along side of us. although i never felt the need to go there before, i did have a faint curiosity of what hidden treasures the city held. O.M.G. i could have stayed all day. i will be back for sure!

here's what i found: yummy seam binding ribbon for .20 a yard, sheer fabric in every color for $2. a yard, and lots of bling, crystals, buttons, crocheted items, etc... for cheap, cheap!

love this little button {thou it was quite a bugger to get a good shot of}!

love my cute little Cabi top, a whopping $15. gotta love that, and the city that gives you all this.

time flew, and before we know it we had been there for 3 hours. after going for lunch, and finding a favorite sushi spot closed, we went to Sweetpea's & Snapshot's instead. when you can't find food, go for more supplies i say!!

sweetpea's is a definite favorite find of mine.
and miss amy tangerine had just dropped off the class sample, for her latest class. take a look at this. i had so wanted to take amy's last class at sweetpea's, but couldn't. when i found out she was teaching a sunday class i was happy, happy. after seeing this tote which i think is even better in person, i am so excited. {{i also just read Scrapbook Oasis' blog, and found out girl wonder amy will be teaching there in june on the big CKU weekend. that class is going to be for her celebrity famous tee shirts!}} here is a look a few of my sweetpea's supplies

here's to hoping you take advantage of everything at your fingertips, weather you be in a big city, small town, or anywhere in between.

if you know of any can't miss destinations in the greater (dare i say) LA area, please post in the comments section below. you know how i love a good find!

now go be happy, have fun, and smile.

Monday, March 26

the evolution of our creativity

this is the beginning of a new sweetheart journal i started today. i have never been the typical picture of a girlie girl. but inside i think of myself as bubble gum pink, and robin's egg blue.
so today with a little old record case in hand, i began a new art journal that i want to create in that style.
it's a small book, and relatively easy to work in. i like the challenge of making the circle openings a bit different on each page.

my favorite so far is the toole stapled between the pages above. i will share this with you as it progresses.

i am so happy making these little books. i love the relatively short process of them, as well as having specific themes to each.

i find myself lately contemplating how our art changes and grows with us. a year ago i was doing nothing like what i do now. i was heavily involved in scrapbooking, and have been for over 13 years. not the
new style scrapbooking, but the scrapbooking most of us did in high school. you know, movie tickets, dance programs, pressed flowers, notes passed in class. all the treasured stuff from days gone by. i have always been one to try and hold onto the past. i like that what i considered scrapbooking has evolved for me, into more of art outlet. i find it so much more fulfilling to combine the two into one.

maybe that's why i love all the stuff i find at flea markets, and thrift shops. so much of it reminds my of my childhood, things i saw at my grandmothers, and of times i think would be fascinating to have lived during. here are a few of the things i brought home last weekend from the long beach antique flea market, my current favorite.

an old button card for $5.00

i think this christmas book is darling, and hope to alter it to hold our all our christmas photos this year. this is the direction my scrapbooking is currently taking, and i couldn't be happier altering these little books into a new home for our family photos.

and just look at the great images i have to work with! no wonder i've taken to working in these little vintage books.

i hope you take a little time to play with the things that make you happy.

Wednesday, March 21

welcome to my tea party girls!

thanks for stopping by. thanks Kari for sending the girls as well, you know it was all her idea. and what a hit it is! you see artsy mama thought it would be fun to get together with friends old and new for a spot of tea, and a crumpet. well you know i am still trying to loose my winter coat, so i thought it might be fun to run around and play at my tea party. this is sure to be a smashing success, why just look at all the ladies getting together for tea. you're a doll kari, a real doll.

now go, have fun, mingle. and let me know if i can get you anything.

Monday, March 19

swappy good finds

last week i told you about Jenny's vintage kitchen swap over on her blog Everyday is A Holiday. well miss jenny herself is my swap partner. how exciting! i have to say i was thrilled when i learned i'd get to seek out special finds for her. not having meet her personally, i think she is darling cute, with tons of personal style. after my initial jumping up and down, i must admit my enthusiasm turned... to concern, worry, and eventually self doubt. am i really the right person to be shopping for miss cupcake cutie~patutie? what if i can't find something she likes? what if she isn't happy with my finds? it'll be all fingers pointed at me. gasp! this is serious business... swaps are only fun if your partner delivers. ohhhh....

"stop fidgeting and get busy", i told myself.

straightaway, i started running into every little shoppe i came upon... while waiting for the smog check, running errands, the post office... it's quite fun to look at things in a different light, but a bit daunting as well. trying to find the perfect thing for someone you've never meet, isn't as easy as it seems. i read and re-read my notes on colors, likes, new collections, etc... i searched comments, and looked thru past photos to try and capture jenny's taste in vintage kitchen swappiness.

i am happy to say i am done with my shopping. mission accomplished, i do believe. i found things i hope she'll like, added things i know she likes, and tossed in a few extra's for good measure. then to top it all off, i went to my favorite flea market and found a few more goodies. since i can't show you what i got her, i'll leave you with some teaser photos...

i just love the way this gentleman is looking at the ladies!

goodbye winter, hello spring.

welcome to the birds songs streaming in through the open windows, and the sun warming the kitties as they sit in the windowsill. welcome skirts, sandals, and cute sweaters in the evening. welcome sunday afternoon bbq's, pitchers of lemonaid, and flowers in jars and glasses beside the dishwater. welcome sunny mornings, and clear blue skies, dog walks in the park, and flags flying in the breeze. welcome window open driving, and picnic baskets. welcome spring, it's nice to see you again, my old friend.

Friday, March 16

welcome spring

spring has sprung here in sunny southern california. this week our weather has ranged from 70's to high 80's and it has been beautiful. in fact i declare pedicure season official back.

i picked up some sunny magazines to scour their images, for inspiration inside and out in the garden. i think maybe a few new cushions for the porch swing are in order, to fashion a cozy spot where i can take these in.

this magazine is a new favorite. it's a french magazine, and at $9, i figure if i can't go to paris this year, i can at least look at something french! i just love the images and the french written language it contains.

i'm still taking my pilates class, and thought i'de share the big {{ta da}} move we do in every class. it's a bit of our grand finale before we start our cool down, so to speak. when i recently saw this page in another magazine i knew i had to tear it out and scrap, or collage it as inspiration. i have yet to master it, in fact what i can do doesn't resemble this at all!!

this last picture is of a set of apothocary jars i like. i look at them all the time, pottery barn, william sonoma, they are everywhere and have been for a long time. i have no where for them and have to keep reminding myself of that. {{mr warren is beginning to tire of my collecting habit, and it's way of spilling over into the far corners of the house. much of the old stuff has started to appear in the garage, after repainting my studio last week. that really had him upset with me last weekend!}}

the reason being, in january he hauled a whole truck load of my stuff to the donation center. it was sooo hard for me to agree to him taking it. but once it was gone, i was fine with it. i think i have touch of that hoarders disease. after him ranting at me about my stuff, it had me thinking. he'd be thrilled to know i think he's right. for everything i take out of the house, i bring three more things back in. if you have the room for it that's one thing, but when you live in a small 3 bedroom it's different. so for now no apothocary jars for me. instead a picture to enjoy and share with you. oh aren't they pretty?

if spring hasn't quite reached your neighborhood, listen to this and know it'll be here before you know it!

Wednesday, March 14

holy shamoly, did i get lucky!

this darling girl {{ jenny holiday}} is having a little vintage kitchen swap party. you can take a peek at it here on her blog, everyday is a holiday. she is just the cutest thing. the kinda girl you just know oozes buttercream frosting... she is queen o' the cupcakes you know!

i happened onto her blog the same way we all do... one link leads to another. before i knew it i was daydreaming of baking cupcakes the way i did many years ago, when i was young and thought making cupcakes made up for not making dinner. little did i know... i was the one who ate the cupcakes for dinner, while the masses {mr warren and our 3 children} looked to me for a real meal. so was the demise of my cupcake baking days. laundry, life and a family who wanted {real food} took over. cupcakes have been long forgotten until this one miss jenny holiday, got me thinkin... a grandma can make cupcakes and no one says a thing. grandmas are suppose to make cupcakes! and so it goes. cupcakes are back in town, and this time no ones complaining!

least of all this little one! ok, back to the point dede!

so, miss jenny cupcake announced plans for a swap last week. i signed up and we just got our partners this evening. we are to swap vintage kitchen items. we get to make a list of likes, dislikes, and any special requests on our wish list. i am beyond happy as jenny did a great job matching us all up with someone who's taste is similar to our own, no easy task with over 60 people in the swap.

i am already busy thinking up ideas for my swap partner. it must be vintage and most pieces of this are... but then again it isn't really a kitchen item. it's a sweet little easter basket for a special girl i know.

i love this little rose stool as well. it's in the right colors, use to be in my kitchen, but it isn't vintage, and i can't give this little gem away, as it was a very special gift.

then there is this recent find. this little glass plate might do... it is vintage, and in her color blue (can you see the blue?) it's there, but just barely. it is for the kitchen thou.

oh, i have my work cut out for me. i requested a special swap partner, and i got one. i am going to have such fun the next few weeks searching out special little jewels for my partner. i just love having a little something to work on and plan for.

blogland sure has been good to me. it's such a nice neighborhood, and everyone is so friendly. i'm so glad i decided to come for a visit. don't you just love when something is more than you hoped for? thanks all of you, for welcoming me to the neighborhood.

Monday, March 12

new blogs, new flea market, new girlfriends!

well if i thought friday was fun, and i did, and it was...saturday was just as much fun. new fun, as well.

i made a friend last year thru scrapbook, and have lately realized we have alot in common. we made plans to meet up on saturday, and check out a few things we have both been wanting to do. this was the first time we had done anything together, aside from meeting at scrapbook oasis.

i had soooo much fun with her!!! her name is victoria, and she started a new blog. you can check it out here, and see more pictures of some great finds that came our way.

piled up in an old porcelain sink i bought,are the things i found.

the darling glittered bird was in mary smilove's Home Companion article featuring her home!!! i was blown away to know that the first big picture in the article is her kitchen!! after asking about the other pink bird i picked up at sweetpea's & snapshot's, mary asked if i wanted the bird they used in the shoot!!! how did i get so lucky? thank you so much, mary!! i am excited to start revamping my scraproom.

i painted it blue last week, and have yet to try an work a little magic. i am going for {{the mary smilove kitchen chic look}}. take a look at it in the april/may issue of mary engelbreit's home companion.

don't ask me how i was lucky enough to score this fabulous velvet flower from sweetpea's display, but i can assure you i didn't steal it!!

vicki picked me up and we headed to a flea market in huntington beach, only to find out it isn't being held this weekend. as we made our way to the freeway, we went past a flea market at goldenwest college. we hadn't been before but decided to have look. this is a very iffy flea market to say the least. we weren't sure we'd find anything to suite our taste after the first two isles. we decided to look at one more isle before heading to our feature destination, sweetpea's & snapshot's in LA. low and behold, we actually started to spot a few things we liked. we were only there about 45 minutes, but we each only spent about $20 and both got a few great things.

next we headed for sweetpea's and can anyone say "get this party started?" so much fun!! that store is darling cute, and after meeting and befriending the celebrity of the day, one miss mary smilove, we indulged in champagne and cupcakes, shopping galore, and meeting new and old friends and some that i met for the first time in person.
hi there susan darling. thanks for saying hello!

it was such a happy atmosphere at sweetpea's. they are such a nice group of women. we even got to meet emily falconbridge's darling, cute daughter ivy.

mary told vicki and i of an antique shop just around the corner, and that was our next stop. followed by a quick peek into a consignment shop next door. all in all it was a smashing day!

great weather... $0
finding lots of great hot spots... $0
yummy cupcakes and champagne enjoyed at sweetpea's... $0

making new fun friends... priceless!!!

Friday, March 9

no wonder friday is my faVoRite day of the week!

it's here! the goodie bag i was hoping to find on my doorstep!

a few weeks ago miss mc fayden decided to have a little trunk show. i was so happy as i adore her sweet, playful style. i was thrilled and excited anticipating what she might offer up. but, it just so happened, i was going to miss it! i was going to out of town and i knew all her scrumptious trinkets would be gone by the time i'd be home. as a girl who knows what she wants (are there any of us who don't?), i brainstormed a plan. i asked her if she could make me a goodie bag of {{anything at all}} she thought i might like, and i would send the moola faster that fast. she agreed, and all was well for this california girl.

it's been fun anticipating what i might find in her little package.
when i opened it and saw it's gems, i was laugh~out~loud happy!!

especially at the site of this little cutie adorning the front porch of my club house! to quote a four year old i know, "too stinkin cute!"

and miss mc fayden thought there was a possibility i would somehow not adore these beloved little creations? silly girl! i loVe them to bits!!! thanks so much for helping me, and sending these things to me. i couldn't be happier. you are a good girl miss mc fayden, a real good girl!
in other news:
it was grandparents day today at ethyn's school. i spent the morning with other grandmothers and grandfathers playing on jungle gyms, sliding on down slides and building castles, protected by fire breathing dragons. thanks goodness they filled us with coffee, orange juice, cakes and cookies before we met in the classrooms, i am sure to give us the energy we would need to keep up.
his class is full of happy, energetic little ones. so nice for the school to celebrate us in this special way.
this canned phoney~baloney smile makes me laugh. poop~stink!
we all came home with a little flower we planted together, and a folder full of special things celebrating our little prince or princess.
such fun to see them building their first relationships with friends.

all this and i still have the whole afternoon left to enjoy. i hope this day finds you smiling and happy. now... i need a nap. those four year olds kicked my butt!!

Wednesday, March 7

can it be?

oh my good heavens! i just heard thunder roll, and a crackle of lightning. then the clouds began to part, and i tell you i heard angels sing. then i saw them...

a "D" and a "W"

do my eyes deceive me?! look, do you see it too?

Monday, March 5

oh, the things you'll see!

friday i was happy to read about a little local event at paris to the moon in costa mesa, on pam garrison's blog. i have been to this darling shoppe a few times. it seems that twice a year they have a parking lot sale where local artist are invited to come and sell their wares.
that a little parking lot sale was held saurday.
so off went ethyn and i to see what we could see!
pam's sweet friend amy hanna was there with her. they were selling supplies from their art stuff. this is the best kind of sale for me! i love rummaging thru the
supplies of such girls, who's art i so admire! let me speak frankly, i swoon over their creations, swoon i tell you!
so, to have a peek, and a chance, at some of thier castoff's made me a happy girl!
the chandelier was from pam, and just what i have been looking for since seeing small heavily beaded chandeliers last weekend in san luis, at Le' Creme! thier's (le' creme's) were at least half the size, and 5 times as much as the one i picked up. mine is also minus all of the bling i loved about the other, but i can remedy that.

i also got the stuff in the third picture down, including the spindle of wood, and silk flowers. i hope to decorate an easter basket with the flowers, and alter the wood piece into a photo holder.

i picked up all the stuff in the 5th picture from amy and pam as well. two plates, the insides of an old german book, an old vogue pattern, a door knocker, and the scrap of fabric they are sitting on, were among my finds.

you can see everything in detail by clicking the flickr logo above. i should have them posted this evening as soon as i get home from my altered book meeting.

sunday i went out to irvine valley collage for the first time, to the antique & collectables market. i found the religeous peices, an old pink chenille blanket {{that i hope to pair with pam's fabric scrap. i am thinking of a throw blanket, or a few shopping totes}}, the paper mache bird will hopefully adorn my easter basket as well, and the little ring box is actually one in a salt & pepper set. i thik this is just about the cutest ring~thing i've ever seen.

the two boxes in the last picture are by an artist who's name i do not know. she regularly sells these darling boxes at paris to the moon, and i think they are so sweet. they are very affordable at the regular selling price, but at $5 each at the parking lot sale, i couldn't pass them up!

all in all, it was a fun weekend searching thru others cast off's and junk. now i have a few more items to keep me busy creating until the next treasure hunt. hopefully latter this week i can finish a few, and share them here.

thanks for coming to my show & tell, until next time..
ciao bella's

Saturday, March 3

pam garrison/amy hanna sighting!

i can't wait to show you all the goodies i got from these two chicka's! oh, such goodness... sigh...
i'm in a dreamy fog from it all. monday girls, monday...

Friday, March 2

new paper, no pockets, and weight watchers!!

let me just say that this is the third time i am blogging this. either blogger, or my macbook are being a poop~stink this morning!

although yesterday found me at Scrapbook Oasis, last evening i pulled out my trustly old sewing machine and sewed fabric, not paper. oh, trust me, i found lots of great new papers. scrapbook oasis is packed full of good stuff from CHA. it's just that i haven't sewn for a bit, and had a few quick projects i thought i'd whip up while watching tv.

have you ever had your jean's pockets cut so close, that the white inside lining peeps out, and shows? it so bugs!! well, my current fav red tab levi's have done this since i bought them months ago. everytime i put them on, i contemplate going to the cleaners around the corner to have the pockets stitched closed. then i think better of it, glancing at the two sewing machines i have. i continue my day, white pocket lining all stickin out. well, no more! as soon as i pulled my machine into the living room to sew and watch ugly betty, i slipped those levi's off and stitched those tacky pockets closed!

oh, don't worry. i had my warm jammies on... i may be gross sewing my dirty jeans, but i am no hoochie, sewing with my bum hanging all about ;-) my next plan for these as soon as i can give them up as jeans, is to alter them into a skirt, like these made by the talented pam garrison. i loVe art, but am not quite sure about wearing it. i hope i can pull it off! {{work it, work it}}

my next project was to turn these great fabrics

into this.

a toasty warm cowboy blanket. i still have to find the fabric for the binding. i'm thinking a fadded, red bandana~ish print. i completely fell for the fadded 50's look of the cowboy collage fabric! yee~haw!!

in other new:
it's back to weight watchers friday. i haven't quit, but i also havent' been for about a month. i am just sick to find out what i've gained back!! oh, the torcher of it all. i hate loosing weight!! oh, no. i love loosing weight. but what i have to do to loose it, ughh!!! i so completely relate to the new commercial in which all the women are walking around saying

"I'm hungry!"

listen anyone, who like me is (or was) a size 14 is a girl with an appetite. i like food. talk about lifestyle change. my food world has been shaken to it s core! but i'm going to get back on track now. and to think... last time i went in, i was 2 ounces from losing 20 lbs!!! i'm down to a 10, and hoping for... any 1 digit number!! is it wrong to pray for weight loss?

sigh... ok. i'm better. thanks for listening.

i hope you all have a great weekend.
be happy.
now... go make something!


not only did i find this perfect binding fabric for the quilt today... i also lost!!! only 2.5 lbs in one month, but loss is loss. i'll take it!!! oh happy day!!!

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