Monday, March 26

the evolution of our creativity

this is the beginning of a new sweetheart journal i started today. i have never been the typical picture of a girlie girl. but inside i think of myself as bubble gum pink, and robin's egg blue.
so today with a little old record case in hand, i began a new art journal that i want to create in that style.
it's a small book, and relatively easy to work in. i like the challenge of making the circle openings a bit different on each page.

my favorite so far is the toole stapled between the pages above. i will share this with you as it progresses.

i am so happy making these little books. i love the relatively short process of them, as well as having specific themes to each.

i find myself lately contemplating how our art changes and grows with us. a year ago i was doing nothing like what i do now. i was heavily involved in scrapbooking, and have been for over 13 years. not the
new style scrapbooking, but the scrapbooking most of us did in high school. you know, movie tickets, dance programs, pressed flowers, notes passed in class. all the treasured stuff from days gone by. i have always been one to try and hold onto the past. i like that what i considered scrapbooking has evolved for me, into more of art outlet. i find it so much more fulfilling to combine the two into one.

maybe that's why i love all the stuff i find at flea markets, and thrift shops. so much of it reminds my of my childhood, things i saw at my grandmothers, and of times i think would be fascinating to have lived during. here are a few of the things i brought home last weekend from the long beach antique flea market, my current favorite.

an old button card for $5.00

i think this christmas book is darling, and hope to alter it to hold our all our christmas photos this year. this is the direction my scrapbooking is currently taking, and i couldn't be happier altering these little books into a new home for our family photos.

and just look at the great images i have to work with! no wonder i've taken to working in these little vintage books.

i hope you take a little time to play with the things that make you happy.

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