Wednesday, March 14

holy shamoly, did i get lucky!

this darling girl {{ jenny holiday}} is having a little vintage kitchen swap party. you can take a peek at it here on her blog, everyday is a holiday. she is just the cutest thing. the kinda girl you just know oozes buttercream frosting... she is queen o' the cupcakes you know!

i happened onto her blog the same way we all do... one link leads to another. before i knew it i was daydreaming of baking cupcakes the way i did many years ago, when i was young and thought making cupcakes made up for not making dinner. little did i know... i was the one who ate the cupcakes for dinner, while the masses {mr warren and our 3 children} looked to me for a real meal. so was the demise of my cupcake baking days. laundry, life and a family who wanted {real food} took over. cupcakes have been long forgotten until this one miss jenny holiday, got me thinkin... a grandma can make cupcakes and no one says a thing. grandmas are suppose to make cupcakes! and so it goes. cupcakes are back in town, and this time no ones complaining!

least of all this little one! ok, back to the point dede!

so, miss jenny cupcake announced plans for a swap last week. i signed up and we just got our partners this evening. we are to swap vintage kitchen items. we get to make a list of likes, dislikes, and any special requests on our wish list. i am beyond happy as jenny did a great job matching us all up with someone who's taste is similar to our own, no easy task with over 60 people in the swap.

i am already busy thinking up ideas for my swap partner. it must be vintage and most pieces of this are... but then again it isn't really a kitchen item. it's a sweet little easter basket for a special girl i know.

i love this little rose stool as well. it's in the right colors, use to be in my kitchen, but it isn't vintage, and i can't give this little gem away, as it was a very special gift.

then there is this recent find. this little glass plate might do... it is vintage, and in her color blue (can you see the blue?) it's there, but just barely. it is for the kitchen thou.

oh, i have my work cut out for me. i requested a special swap partner, and i got one. i am going to have such fun the next few weeks searching out special little jewels for my partner. i just love having a little something to work on and plan for.

blogland sure has been good to me. it's such a nice neighborhood, and everyone is so friendly. i'm so glad i decided to come for a visit. don't you just love when something is more than you hoped for? thanks all of you, for welcoming me to the neighborhood.
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