Friday, March 2

new paper, no pockets, and weight watchers!!

let me just say that this is the third time i am blogging this. either blogger, or my macbook are being a poop~stink this morning!

although yesterday found me at Scrapbook Oasis, last evening i pulled out my trustly old sewing machine and sewed fabric, not paper. oh, trust me, i found lots of great new papers. scrapbook oasis is packed full of good stuff from CHA. it's just that i haven't sewn for a bit, and had a few quick projects i thought i'd whip up while watching tv.

have you ever had your jean's pockets cut so close, that the white inside lining peeps out, and shows? it so bugs!! well, my current fav red tab levi's have done this since i bought them months ago. everytime i put them on, i contemplate going to the cleaners around the corner to have the pockets stitched closed. then i think better of it, glancing at the two sewing machines i have. i continue my day, white pocket lining all stickin out. well, no more! as soon as i pulled my machine into the living room to sew and watch ugly betty, i slipped those levi's off and stitched those tacky pockets closed!

oh, don't worry. i had my warm jammies on... i may be gross sewing my dirty jeans, but i am no hoochie, sewing with my bum hanging all about ;-) my next plan for these as soon as i can give them up as jeans, is to alter them into a skirt, like these made by the talented pam garrison. i loVe art, but am not quite sure about wearing it. i hope i can pull it off! {{work it, work it}}

my next project was to turn these great fabrics

into this.

a toasty warm cowboy blanket. i still have to find the fabric for the binding. i'm thinking a fadded, red bandana~ish print. i completely fell for the fadded 50's look of the cowboy collage fabric! yee~haw!!

in other new:
it's back to weight watchers friday. i haven't quit, but i also havent' been for about a month. i am just sick to find out what i've gained back!! oh, the torcher of it all. i hate loosing weight!! oh, no. i love loosing weight. but what i have to do to loose it, ughh!!! i so completely relate to the new commercial in which all the women are walking around saying

"I'm hungry!"

listen anyone, who like me is (or was) a size 14 is a girl with an appetite. i like food. talk about lifestyle change. my food world has been shaken to it s core! but i'm going to get back on track now. and to think... last time i went in, i was 2 ounces from losing 20 lbs!!! i'm down to a 10, and hoping for... any 1 digit number!! is it wrong to pray for weight loss?

sigh... ok. i'm better. thanks for listening.

i hope you all have a great weekend.
be happy.
now... go make something!


not only did i find this perfect binding fabric for the quilt today... i also lost!!! only 2.5 lbs in one month, but loss is loss. i'll take it!!! oh happy day!!!

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