Monday, March 12

new blogs, new flea market, new girlfriends!

well if i thought friday was fun, and i did, and it was...saturday was just as much fun. new fun, as well.

i made a friend last year thru scrapbook, and have lately realized we have alot in common. we made plans to meet up on saturday, and check out a few things we have both been wanting to do. this was the first time we had done anything together, aside from meeting at scrapbook oasis.

i had soooo much fun with her!!! her name is victoria, and she started a new blog. you can check it out here, and see more pictures of some great finds that came our way.

piled up in an old porcelain sink i bought,are the things i found.

the darling glittered bird was in mary smilove's Home Companion article featuring her home!!! i was blown away to know that the first big picture in the article is her kitchen!! after asking about the other pink bird i picked up at sweetpea's & snapshot's, mary asked if i wanted the bird they used in the shoot!!! how did i get so lucky? thank you so much, mary!! i am excited to start revamping my scraproom.

i painted it blue last week, and have yet to try an work a little magic. i am going for {{the mary smilove kitchen chic look}}. take a look at it in the april/may issue of mary engelbreit's home companion.

don't ask me how i was lucky enough to score this fabulous velvet flower from sweetpea's display, but i can assure you i didn't steal it!!

vicki picked me up and we headed to a flea market in huntington beach, only to find out it isn't being held this weekend. as we made our way to the freeway, we went past a flea market at goldenwest college. we hadn't been before but decided to have look. this is a very iffy flea market to say the least. we weren't sure we'd find anything to suite our taste after the first two isles. we decided to look at one more isle before heading to our feature destination, sweetpea's & snapshot's in LA. low and behold, we actually started to spot a few things we liked. we were only there about 45 minutes, but we each only spent about $20 and both got a few great things.

next we headed for sweetpea's and can anyone say "get this party started?" so much fun!! that store is darling cute, and after meeting and befriending the celebrity of the day, one miss mary smilove, we indulged in champagne and cupcakes, shopping galore, and meeting new and old friends and some that i met for the first time in person.
hi there susan darling. thanks for saying hello!

it was such a happy atmosphere at sweetpea's. they are such a nice group of women. we even got to meet emily falconbridge's darling, cute daughter ivy.

mary told vicki and i of an antique shop just around the corner, and that was our next stop. followed by a quick peek into a consignment shop next door. all in all it was a smashing day!

great weather... $0
finding lots of great hot spots... $0
yummy cupcakes and champagne enjoyed at sweetpea's... $0

making new fun friends... priceless!!!

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