Friday, March 9

no wonder friday is my faVoRite day of the week!

it's here! the goodie bag i was hoping to find on my doorstep!

a few weeks ago miss mc fayden decided to have a little trunk show. i was so happy as i adore her sweet, playful style. i was thrilled and excited anticipating what she might offer up. but, it just so happened, i was going to miss it! i was going to out of town and i knew all her scrumptious trinkets would be gone by the time i'd be home. as a girl who knows what she wants (are there any of us who don't?), i brainstormed a plan. i asked her if she could make me a goodie bag of {{anything at all}} she thought i might like, and i would send the moola faster that fast. she agreed, and all was well for this california girl.

it's been fun anticipating what i might find in her little package.
when i opened it and saw it's gems, i was laugh~out~loud happy!!

especially at the site of this little cutie adorning the front porch of my club house! to quote a four year old i know, "too stinkin cute!"

and miss mc fayden thought there was a possibility i would somehow not adore these beloved little creations? silly girl! i loVe them to bits!!! thanks so much for helping me, and sending these things to me. i couldn't be happier. you are a good girl miss mc fayden, a real good girl!
in other news:
it was grandparents day today at ethyn's school. i spent the morning with other grandmothers and grandfathers playing on jungle gyms, sliding on down slides and building castles, protected by fire breathing dragons. thanks goodness they filled us with coffee, orange juice, cakes and cookies before we met in the classrooms, i am sure to give us the energy we would need to keep up.
his class is full of happy, energetic little ones. so nice for the school to celebrate us in this special way.
this canned phoney~baloney smile makes me laugh. poop~stink!
we all came home with a little flower we planted together, and a folder full of special things celebrating our little prince or princess.
such fun to see them building their first relationships with friends.

all this and i still have the whole afternoon left to enjoy. i hope this day finds you smiling and happy. now... i need a nap. those four year olds kicked my butt!!

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