Monday, March 5

oh, the things you'll see!

friday i was happy to read about a little local event at paris to the moon in costa mesa, on pam garrison's blog. i have been to this darling shoppe a few times. it seems that twice a year they have a parking lot sale where local artist are invited to come and sell their wares.
that a little parking lot sale was held saurday.
so off went ethyn and i to see what we could see!
pam's sweet friend amy hanna was there with her. they were selling supplies from their art stuff. this is the best kind of sale for me! i love rummaging thru the
supplies of such girls, who's art i so admire! let me speak frankly, i swoon over their creations, swoon i tell you!
so, to have a peek, and a chance, at some of thier castoff's made me a happy girl!
the chandelier was from pam, and just what i have been looking for since seeing small heavily beaded chandeliers last weekend in san luis, at Le' Creme! thier's (le' creme's) were at least half the size, and 5 times as much as the one i picked up. mine is also minus all of the bling i loved about the other, but i can remedy that.

i also got the stuff in the third picture down, including the spindle of wood, and silk flowers. i hope to decorate an easter basket with the flowers, and alter the wood piece into a photo holder.

i picked up all the stuff in the 5th picture from amy and pam as well. two plates, the insides of an old german book, an old vogue pattern, a door knocker, and the scrap of fabric they are sitting on, were among my finds.

you can see everything in detail by clicking the flickr logo above. i should have them posted this evening as soon as i get home from my altered book meeting.

sunday i went out to irvine valley collage for the first time, to the antique & collectables market. i found the religeous peices, an old pink chenille blanket {{that i hope to pair with pam's fabric scrap. i am thinking of a throw blanket, or a few shopping totes}}, the paper mache bird will hopefully adorn my easter basket as well, and the little ring box is actually one in a salt & pepper set. i thik this is just about the cutest ring~thing i've ever seen.

the two boxes in the last picture are by an artist who's name i do not know. she regularly sells these darling boxes at paris to the moon, and i think they are so sweet. they are very affordable at the regular selling price, but at $5 each at the parking lot sale, i couldn't pass them up!

all in all, it was a fun weekend searching thru others cast off's and junk. now i have a few more items to keep me busy creating until the next treasure hunt. hopefully latter this week i can finish a few, and share them here.

thanks for coming to my show & tell, until next time..
ciao bella's
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