Monday, March 19

swappy good finds

last week i told you about Jenny's vintage kitchen swap over on her blog Everyday is A Holiday. well miss jenny herself is my swap partner. how exciting! i have to say i was thrilled when i learned i'd get to seek out special finds for her. not having meet her personally, i think she is darling cute, with tons of personal style. after my initial jumping up and down, i must admit my enthusiasm turned... to concern, worry, and eventually self doubt. am i really the right person to be shopping for miss cupcake cutie~patutie? what if i can't find something she likes? what if she isn't happy with my finds? it'll be all fingers pointed at me. gasp! this is serious business... swaps are only fun if your partner delivers. ohhhh....

"stop fidgeting and get busy", i told myself.

straightaway, i started running into every little shoppe i came upon... while waiting for the smog check, running errands, the post office... it's quite fun to look at things in a different light, but a bit daunting as well. trying to find the perfect thing for someone you've never meet, isn't as easy as it seems. i read and re-read my notes on colors, likes, new collections, etc... i searched comments, and looked thru past photos to try and capture jenny's taste in vintage kitchen swappiness.

i am happy to say i am done with my shopping. mission accomplished, i do believe. i found things i hope she'll like, added things i know she likes, and tossed in a few extra's for good measure. then to top it all off, i went to my favorite flea market and found a few more goodies. since i can't show you what i got her, i'll leave you with some teaser photos...

i just love the way this gentleman is looking at the ladies!

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