Thursday, March 29

this is L.A.

i can hear the music. sheryl crow singing a sunny, happy song about the city i live in. 12 years ago i moved away. on the day i moved back 2 years later that song was playing as i drove wind~in~my~hair back to the place i call home. i love that song to this day, for being the sound that welcomed me.

for some of us from the city of angels, we would rather differentiate between LA & the OC. those from {{the oc}} believe it to be, or sound better than, "i'm from LA". we all know, we don't live under the downtown overpasses, as we fear others may believe if we don't make it clear, and explain... i'm from south orange county, or 90210, or newport. we can be so silly! after all,
LA is fun. there is so much to do, and see, so many great restaurants, shoppes, and hotels. i for one, love LA!

i also think i am pretty typical, in that i don't take advantage of everything the city offers. that all changed yesterday. i went with a friend right to the heart of LA. you know, garment district, flower district, toy district
(who knew?). yes there were a few homeless people, yes it was a bit dirty but we had a great time. we go to paris, new york and san francisco and don't think a thing about it. but for some reason we look at the city of angels in a different light. i never once felt unsafe in the least. we saw women you know have the right zip code mingle, talking with, and shopping right along side of us. although i never felt the need to go there before, i did have a faint curiosity of what hidden treasures the city held. O.M.G. i could have stayed all day. i will be back for sure!

here's what i found: yummy seam binding ribbon for .20 a yard, sheer fabric in every color for $2. a yard, and lots of bling, crystals, buttons, crocheted items, etc... for cheap, cheap!

love this little button {thou it was quite a bugger to get a good shot of}!

love my cute little Cabi top, a whopping $15. gotta love that, and the city that gives you all this.

time flew, and before we know it we had been there for 3 hours. after going for lunch, and finding a favorite sushi spot closed, we went to Sweetpea's & Snapshot's instead. when you can't find food, go for more supplies i say!!

sweetpea's is a definite favorite find of mine.
and miss amy tangerine had just dropped off the class sample, for her latest class. take a look at this. i had so wanted to take amy's last class at sweetpea's, but couldn't. when i found out she was teaching a sunday class i was happy, happy. after seeing this tote which i think is even better in person, i am so excited. {{i also just read Scrapbook Oasis' blog, and found out girl wonder amy will be teaching there in june on the big CKU weekend. that class is going to be for her celebrity famous tee shirts!}} here is a look a few of my sweetpea's supplies

here's to hoping you take advantage of everything at your fingertips, weather you be in a big city, small town, or anywhere in between.

if you know of any can't miss destinations in the greater (dare i say) LA area, please post in the comments section below. you know how i love a good find!

now go be happy, have fun, and smile.

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