Friday, March 16

welcome spring

spring has sprung here in sunny southern california. this week our weather has ranged from 70's to high 80's and it has been beautiful. in fact i declare pedicure season official back.

i picked up some sunny magazines to scour their images, for inspiration inside and out in the garden. i think maybe a few new cushions for the porch swing are in order, to fashion a cozy spot where i can take these in.

this magazine is a new favorite. it's a french magazine, and at $9, i figure if i can't go to paris this year, i can at least look at something french! i just love the images and the french written language it contains.

i'm still taking my pilates class, and thought i'de share the big {{ta da}} move we do in every class. it's a bit of our grand finale before we start our cool down, so to speak. when i recently saw this page in another magazine i knew i had to tear it out and scrap, or collage it as inspiration. i have yet to master it, in fact what i can do doesn't resemble this at all!!

this last picture is of a set of apothocary jars i like. i look at them all the time, pottery barn, william sonoma, they are everywhere and have been for a long time. i have no where for them and have to keep reminding myself of that. {{mr warren is beginning to tire of my collecting habit, and it's way of spilling over into the far corners of the house. much of the old stuff has started to appear in the garage, after repainting my studio last week. that really had him upset with me last weekend!}}

the reason being, in january he hauled a whole truck load of my stuff to the donation center. it was sooo hard for me to agree to him taking it. but once it was gone, i was fine with it. i think i have touch of that hoarders disease. after him ranting at me about my stuff, it had me thinking. he'd be thrilled to know i think he's right. for everything i take out of the house, i bring three more things back in. if you have the room for it that's one thing, but when you live in a small 3 bedroom it's different. so for now no apothocary jars for me. instead a picture to enjoy and share with you. oh aren't they pretty?

if spring hasn't quite reached your neighborhood, listen to this and know it'll be here before you know it!
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