Monday, April 30

Sundays Flea Market scavenger hunt, and other good stuff

Oh, the goodness you'll find if to the Flea Market you go! I had another wonderful time sunday with Vicki hunting tids & bits for us all! Take a peek at this...

I've already made a few etsy packs. there aren't many, but i can't possibly use all this stuff, and want to share it with others who love playing with it as much as i do.

The darling lamp pictured with the little Victorian sweethearts is my birthday gift from Vicki. she is the best, and yes Vicki, I love it!! all day, as i admired this and that, she would ask "do you love it, do you love it?" i wondered a few times what was wrong with her... {{not really, but kinda}}. then at last, when i saw this lamp, i said the magic words. and that was it! she told me it was my birthday gift, and said she had been wondering if she'd be able to get me anything, as i kept saying "i like it, but no. i don't love it." well, this sweet little lamp i love. what i love even more, is having a great friend like Vicki, and our days spent rummaging thru others cast off's in search of something grand.

on friday i was in san diego and my dear scrappy friend kelly, bestowed this little guy on me. isn't he the sweetest little fat bird ever?! i adore him!! he has found a permanent spot next to me, as i create.

on saturday, i found someone i'd been missing. my fairy godmother had gotten lost in omaha, trying to spy out some silver bella sneakiness for me, i suppose! she's so good like that. when miss mcFoof~a~la found her, she sent her home promptly!

and the grand finale to my weekend...

i was finally able to get a few of pam garrison's artsy wallpaper packs. OMG! if you haven't attended one of her etsy wallpaper sales, let me tell you... the buying is fast and furious! pam sells so rarely that this was my big mission this weekend. after her announcing she would release some of her treasured papers to a lucky few on friday, i had poor kelly in quite a tither, trying create something, yet constantly refreshing etsy to see when the wallpaper dutchess started listing. i finally tempted fate and hit the road home from san diego, wondering if i would miss it all. it wasn't until i got home that i read there had been a change. the sale would be sunday evening. the whole shabang, start to fast finish, was under 30 minutes. you gotta have fast fingers if your gonna keep up with these girls. alas i finished the weekend a happy, wallpapery girl.

oh, and don't forget! tomorrow is May Day and that means you can check out all the fab May Day baskets that crossed the good ol' USofA in artsy mama's swap.


and that my dears, is a what i call the makings of a perfect weekend!

Thursday, April 26

artsy mama's may day swap

artsy mama, aka: kari, hosted a May Day basket swap recently. baskets are arriving from coast to coast, and sea to shining sea this week, thanks to her. i came home to mine last evening and was thrilled to have a package, from kari herself. after my swap partner never responded (what's up with that, anyway?! ever hear of an rsvp?!) kari and i decided we would swap with each other.

this is the lovely birdie cage she made me. can you imagine? it's so extravagant, over the top, generous. but i have to admit i'm glad she did and... i LoVe it!

here it is on it's new perch. just waiting to tease a kitty or two as the past by below.

how sweet is this little chair kari added? she had it inside the bird cage when it arrived, but i like it best just outside, with one bird calling to the other inside. yes! that's right, not one but two birdies. she included a bird on it's nest, with two little blue eggs, sitting inside the cage. i am telling you, kari is one dreamy girl.

this little one (above) is housed in the cage as well, to keep the patiently waiting mama bird inside good company.

i can't yet share what i sent kari, as it is on it's way to minnesota as we speak. as soon as it arrives safely, i'll post pictures here. you can also see the other baskets that have been created and sent between springy mayday girls world wide!

until next time, be happy.

Wednesday, April 25

silver bella

oh. my!

i am just beside myself with excitement for silver bella this fall. ((insert picture of the home alone boy running around the house, arms waving wildly in the air}}. that's me just thinking about the big build up to this smashing event.

i don't know how i'll ever decide which classes to take. i don't know how i will contain myself until the big day, 197 days to go!!! i don't know what i am going to wear!


Sunday, April 22

amy tangerine, totes and, sweetpea's & snapshot's

amy tangerine rocks the sweetpea's house!
today i was lucky enough to take this great tote class with amy tangerine at sweetpea's & snapshot's. what a great class! I love classes where you not only walk away with a great project, but also some real knowledge of how to go home and create more great stuff. i learned so much from this sweet girl and her wonderful mother. oh! and her mama made us yummy good snacks, crab rangoon! oh. so. good.

we were a small group, which makes for good times and great conversation. i am so glad to be taking her tee shirt class at scrapbook oasis in june! if you don't yet know much about amy and her talents, take a look here. thank you amy. and mary & suzi for making such great classes available!

Thursday, April 19

an art journals journey

oh so glad i can finally spend a day at home creating something pretty! i've ran all week, and am happy, if not a bit embarrassed to say, it is 1:40 in the afternoon and i am still in my pj's. i am cutting, and pasting, and having a merry good time. these are the good ol' days!

for the longest time i have wanted to make a new art journal. i love journals not matter there use, and have many. i have one in my car to post my to do list, and funny things ethyn sayes. i have one on my desk that i share all my feelings with, anything from pretty pink and blue thoughts to my frustrations of the day. i have several for magazine clippings, that i just adore. but floating about in my head i have envisioned this one for some time.

late last night it finally came to me. i saw it. and so this morning i made it. i love how it turned out. it was pretty straightforward to put together and didn't take too much time. i now have yet another journal but this time a pretty one to add bit and pieces to. it will serve as a base for lots of the trinkets and treasures i find. things i love but need a sweet home for.

i had enough bits and pieces left over, and made just a few kits available here.

i love all the journals i see on line from very talented girls like this one, and this one, and her. now i have one for myself, and one for you as well.

remember to have fun everyday, do something you love, and don't forget to laugh and sing. maybe even play in your own art journal.

Tuesday, April 17

so much to share..

i am finally done with the scraproom redo. with the last of the pink glass knobs coming in week, and picking up the new glass shelves on friday it is finally, officially, my scrappy new space. i will spruce a bit more with the pretty things i have. but other than that i can finally sit in there again and create.

i'm also busy making kits, and have to say this is going to help me create as well. i love playing with all the stuff of these, the paper and embellishements. i never knew putting these together for others would also help me see my supplies in a whole new way.

these two pictures are the among the first kits available. i definitely like the idea of having these handy enough to grab and go when i meet with friends to create. i can grab a handful of pics and a packet and be on my way knowing everything will work together.

in other news i am excited to be participating in kari's may day basket swap. there was a little snaffu with my swap partner, but all is well thanks to miss kari.

i also want to give a shout out to one miss mary and miss suzi finer ( i don't know why i can't say her first name without saying her last, they just go together like pork chops and applesause)! these two little ladies tagged me over the weekend, miss suzi as inspiration (oh my! me? yikes!), and miss mary tagged me with a {{thinking award}}. i am completely honored. i often feel like i have no creativity at all. now i know that isn't literally true, but with the plethora of goodness in blogland, flickr, and etsy it's easy to doubt one's own abilities.

so in response to both of these women i am tagging back... i hardly know who (for there are so many of you) to tag for making me think and inspiring me but i will try... i will list everyone in alphabetical order

alice lands aka: lauren mumford she is a style star

amy hanna's creations aka: fab, rockstar jewelry designer

artsy mama aka: kari i shake my head in amazement. love her stuff

lea market studio aka: lilia i stare at everything she makes hoping osmosis will occur. is it working?

heather bailey this girl studio is where i got the inspiration for my own new creative space. her fabric makes me think of popsicles in summer

pam garrison what can i say? she oozes style in pale shades

scraps of time
aka: rebecca sawyer. i adore the vintage old time look she gives all her creations, and her images are to~die~for~yummy

sweetpeas & snapshots this place inspires me to no end! i love the look suzi and mary have created in the hot spot!

teresa mcfayden cute, sweet, happy, fluff. this is the only way i can describe this creative barbie, goddess, rockstar...

and last but no least all of you with blogs, flickr photos, and websites.

i have about 40 blogs i look at daily. in other words if i'm home, i'm on my macbook. i love that women are finally networking in this way. i love the sharing, and talent, and endless inspiration. but more then anything, i'm glad that we recognize, and compliment, and freely help each other when we can. i have always been bothered by competitive women. i am so glad to be a part of a circle of creative women who are helping to end that. who knew, all this thru blogging?

so thanks to all of you who help make me, a better me. thanks for being your happy, creative, sharing selves.

cioa chickas! you rock!!

Sunday, April 15

I {{etsy}}

I never thought i'd open an etsy shop, but this afternoon i did. with prompts from rebecca and after the big clean up in my scraproom, i realized just how much paper i have. i love paper! with a few great finds coming my way ( i recently bought 3 books from 1890, 1850's, and 1836!), i figured it was time i start sharing with the rest of you.

i put together a limited number of paper & trim packs. each contains pages from a 155 year old book, A Library of Poetry and Song published in 1851. when i bought this book for the covers, i didn't even look at what i was getting. i've paired that paper with early 1900's german print, and 1942 dictionary paper. i will also be including sheet music, and various trims, swarovski crystals, embossings, ribbon and lots, lots more. oh.. and an altered silk flower.

i'll post new listings here, but promise to do my best NOT to be sales focused. it's never been my intention to sell, and i am a bit apprehensive.

realistically there is no way for me ever to use all the paper i buy. i am so thankful that my husband NEVER sayes a word about any of it. as i was reorganizing my scraproom the only thing he said was that i should be aware that "if you bring a bag in everyday, you have to put that stuff someplace". i told him i wasn't going to stop buying paper. he wasn't asking me to, but i wanted him to understand that. he did, and i knew he was right as well. so etsy is the solution i hope will work. i can keep getting the good stuff i love. if some of you like it, just look in my shop and i'll share it with you there.

enough said.

Friday, April 13

friday the 13th~boo

oh so happy to be a part of artsy mama's may day basket swap. you can read more about it here. if anyone can help me put this button above on the sidebar, i'd greatly appreciate it.
have a great weekend.

and... sorry for the dig above. i am so NOT superstitious!

Tuesday, April 10

7 days to a new scraproom

in 7 days i went from this to this! i can't believe it took months to figure out what i was doing wrong, but here it is, organized drawers and all!

i still have this small bit to deal with, but oh so much better than a week ago sunday!

Monday, April 9

easter is over, but not forgotten

we had a great weekend, in a very overcast southern california.

on saturday i promised ethyn a play date in laguna beach,
if he'd happily stop at the scrapbook store with me first. {i have always used bribery with children. it may not be for everyone, but it works for us} so after a jaunt to Ever After, and although it looked like it could rain any minute, we were off to laguna for a few hours.
we weren't there for the sand and sea, but rather for the tide pools. at four, i thought ethyn would now be old enough to walk the rocks without too much help navigating, or the chance of losing his balance and tossing us both into the sea below. i was right. we walked carefully and ethyn did fine. we found sea anemones, sea urchins, little fish, and lots of crab. we had a great time despite the cool weather. all the way back to the car he said, "we should do this more often!" he's right, we should.

eater sunday was just as nice. it started with a trip to the rose bowl flea market with my friend vicki. again it was cold, even misty at times, but we had a fun.

i picked up a little hanger of sorts above, that i will use to hang charms, jewelry i make, etc..i finally found crystals for this. vicki gave me a few of the insides of a great album she picked up for only $20. the baby image is the front of a cute tee i picked up for this one who is due in 6 weeks.

i found the old glass knobs i wanted for both new cabinets in the scrap room, clear for the dresser, pink for the hutch. i need to get a few short screws for 6 of the knobs, and then i can attach the rest. here is how the first few look. i also picked up the bustier on the dresser, although now i don't know why. i have too many decorations for this room, without adding this big one. i like her though and will keep her a bit before passing her along to her next home.

vicki and i had a good time but realized that we like the long beach flea market better. we were both surprised to feel this way, as we have heard nothing but raves about the rose bowl.

i was home early and our family went to Walt's Wharf in Seal Beach where we had a great afternoon! it's one of our favorite places for steamers, jumbo chilled prawns, and a fab grilled artichioke. we spent the evening together watching movies and playing games.

great food, great company, and another great easter together, who could want more? hope your weekend was just as sweet.

Thursday, April 5

everyday is a holiday!!

you can say that again! today my swap package from jenny's vintage kitchen swap came!! oh, so exciting.

i have to admit after opening the first two or three gifts, i felt a bit guilty about what i had sent jenny. this was like manna from heaven! such goodness. I aDoRe it all!!

I was secretly hoping for one of these little brunette beauties, adorning my candle above. AND can you imagine little white birthday candles are in the little jar above?! how clever, cute, and very appropriate with my birthday the end of this month. this will hereinafter be known as the birthday candle holder extraordinaire!! also, i want to mention jenny & aaron's work is impecable! on the big candle, there are little tiny iridescent sparkles on the trim of her dress, and serving tray. such detail!! and notice the little box of matches below that have been collaged! aMaZing, simply amazing!!

all of these goodies with the exception of the vintage mixer will go into my new scrappy room {{which i am fashioning after this little work of art}}! i will use the single peg to hold a new little scrap apron i will make, and the muffin tin for embellishments, the bowls to hold goodies, i will hang the baskets, etc... so so happy! thanks jenny!! thank you, thank you, thank you!! when i opened my package and looked at everything jenny sent, i thought now i have all the dreamy decor i need. i am so happy with everything jenny sent me. it is above and beyond anything i ever hoped for.

in other news:
i am still working on the scrappy room , and will take pictures of everything in their new home once finished. i am going to the rose bowl flea market for vintage glass knobs for my two new dressers. i still have my bulletin board to repaint, curtains to find fabric for and make, and lots to organize and put away. but alas, i see an end in site. i have worked all week on this and hope to have it done ComPleTely by next week. oh please, please, please!!

i wish all you a very happy easter. i hope you enjoy it with those you love,
and know i am thinking of you.

Wednesday, April 4

it's coming along!

working, working, working...

Monday, April 2

someone has heard my call

if you read my post from this morning, you should recognise this cabinet below, as the slightly smaller, not quite as beautiful step~sister to this. but i find her just about perfect, and loveable in every way. i adopted her right away, and will care for her like she is my own. i can't believe i found her, at my third stop this morning! and for a mere $49. call it a blessing, karma, or chance, i am thankful and beyond happy. mr warren picked her up on his way home, and i will start sanding her for a new coat of paint tomorrow.

at my first stop i found these two dresser's. i haven't purchased either, but am thinking the low cabinet with 9 drawers just may have all the space i need. that will give me 15 additional drawers. i've been looking over all my junk {opps! special art treasures} and am thinking that should be more than enough storage.

i love this little dresser as well, the painted flowers especially. but think i may need the storage of the 9 drawer dresser, as opposed to its 4. i also think it would be hard to repaint this without loosing the flowers that i like so much. i don't have room for both, unfortunately.

thanks for all your well wishes. appearently our prayers have been heard and answered. let me know what you think, as i trust your opinions.
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