Thursday, April 19

an art journals journey

oh so glad i can finally spend a day at home creating something pretty! i've ran all week, and am happy, if not a bit embarrassed to say, it is 1:40 in the afternoon and i am still in my pj's. i am cutting, and pasting, and having a merry good time. these are the good ol' days!

for the longest time i have wanted to make a new art journal. i love journals not matter there use, and have many. i have one in my car to post my to do list, and funny things ethyn sayes. i have one on my desk that i share all my feelings with, anything from pretty pink and blue thoughts to my frustrations of the day. i have several for magazine clippings, that i just adore. but floating about in my head i have envisioned this one for some time.

late last night it finally came to me. i saw it. and so this morning i made it. i love how it turned out. it was pretty straightforward to put together and didn't take too much time. i now have yet another journal but this time a pretty one to add bit and pieces to. it will serve as a base for lots of the trinkets and treasures i find. things i love but need a sweet home for.

i had enough bits and pieces left over, and made just a few kits available here.

i love all the journals i see on line from very talented girls like this one, and this one, and her. now i have one for myself, and one for you as well.

remember to have fun everyday, do something you love, and don't forget to laugh and sing. maybe even play in your own art journal.

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