Thursday, April 26

artsy mama's may day swap

artsy mama, aka: kari, hosted a May Day basket swap recently. baskets are arriving from coast to coast, and sea to shining sea this week, thanks to her. i came home to mine last evening and was thrilled to have a package, from kari herself. after my swap partner never responded (what's up with that, anyway?! ever hear of an rsvp?!) kari and i decided we would swap with each other.

this is the lovely birdie cage she made me. can you imagine? it's so extravagant, over the top, generous. but i have to admit i'm glad she did and... i LoVe it!

here it is on it's new perch. just waiting to tease a kitty or two as the past by below.

how sweet is this little chair kari added? she had it inside the bird cage when it arrived, but i like it best just outside, with one bird calling to the other inside. yes! that's right, not one but two birdies. she included a bird on it's nest, with two little blue eggs, sitting inside the cage. i am telling you, kari is one dreamy girl.

this little one (above) is housed in the cage as well, to keep the patiently waiting mama bird inside good company.

i can't yet share what i sent kari, as it is on it's way to minnesota as we speak. as soon as it arrives safely, i'll post pictures here. you can also see the other baskets that have been created and sent between springy mayday girls world wide!

until next time, be happy.
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