Monday, April 9

easter is over, but not forgotten

we had a great weekend, in a very overcast southern california.

on saturday i promised ethyn a play date in laguna beach,
if he'd happily stop at the scrapbook store with me first. {i have always used bribery with children. it may not be for everyone, but it works for us} so after a jaunt to Ever After, and although it looked like it could rain any minute, we were off to laguna for a few hours.
we weren't there for the sand and sea, but rather for the tide pools. at four, i thought ethyn would now be old enough to walk the rocks without too much help navigating, or the chance of losing his balance and tossing us both into the sea below. i was right. we walked carefully and ethyn did fine. we found sea anemones, sea urchins, little fish, and lots of crab. we had a great time despite the cool weather. all the way back to the car he said, "we should do this more often!" he's right, we should.

eater sunday was just as nice. it started with a trip to the rose bowl flea market with my friend vicki. again it was cold, even misty at times, but we had a fun.

i picked up a little hanger of sorts above, that i will use to hang charms, jewelry i make, etc..i finally found crystals for this. vicki gave me a few of the insides of a great album she picked up for only $20. the baby image is the front of a cute tee i picked up for this one who is due in 6 weeks.

i found the old glass knobs i wanted for both new cabinets in the scrap room, clear for the dresser, pink for the hutch. i need to get a few short screws for 6 of the knobs, and then i can attach the rest. here is how the first few look. i also picked up the bustier on the dresser, although now i don't know why. i have too many decorations for this room, without adding this big one. i like her though and will keep her a bit before passing her along to her next home.

vicki and i had a good time but realized that we like the long beach flea market better. we were both surprised to feel this way, as we have heard nothing but raves about the rose bowl.

i was home early and our family went to Walt's Wharf in Seal Beach where we had a great afternoon! it's one of our favorite places for steamers, jumbo chilled prawns, and a fab grilled artichioke. we spent the evening together watching movies and playing games.

great food, great company, and another great easter together, who could want more? hope your weekend was just as sweet.

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