Thursday, April 5

everyday is a holiday!!

you can say that again! today my swap package from jenny's vintage kitchen swap came!! oh, so exciting.

i have to admit after opening the first two or three gifts, i felt a bit guilty about what i had sent jenny. this was like manna from heaven! such goodness. I aDoRe it all!!

I was secretly hoping for one of these little brunette beauties, adorning my candle above. AND can you imagine little white birthday candles are in the little jar above?! how clever, cute, and very appropriate with my birthday the end of this month. this will hereinafter be known as the birthday candle holder extraordinaire!! also, i want to mention jenny & aaron's work is impecable! on the big candle, there are little tiny iridescent sparkles on the trim of her dress, and serving tray. such detail!! and notice the little box of matches below that have been collaged! aMaZing, simply amazing!!

all of these goodies with the exception of the vintage mixer will go into my new scrappy room {{which i am fashioning after this little work of art}}! i will use the single peg to hold a new little scrap apron i will make, and the muffin tin for embellishments, the bowls to hold goodies, i will hang the baskets, etc... so so happy! thanks jenny!! thank you, thank you, thank you!! when i opened my package and looked at everything jenny sent, i thought now i have all the dreamy decor i need. i am so happy with everything jenny sent me. it is above and beyond anything i ever hoped for.

in other news:
i am still working on the scrappy room , and will take pictures of everything in their new home once finished. i am going to the rose bowl flea market for vintage glass knobs for my two new dressers. i still have my bulletin board to repaint, curtains to find fabric for and make, and lots to organize and put away. but alas, i see an end in site. i have worked all week on this and hope to have it done ComPleTely by next week. oh please, please, please!!

i wish all you a very happy easter. i hope you enjoy it with those you love,
and know i am thinking of you.
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