Sunday, April 15

I {{etsy}}

I never thought i'd open an etsy shop, but this afternoon i did. with prompts from rebecca and after the big clean up in my scraproom, i realized just how much paper i have. i love paper! with a few great finds coming my way ( i recently bought 3 books from 1890, 1850's, and 1836!), i figured it was time i start sharing with the rest of you.

i put together a limited number of paper & trim packs. each contains pages from a 155 year old book, A Library of Poetry and Song published in 1851. when i bought this book for the covers, i didn't even look at what i was getting. i've paired that paper with early 1900's german print, and 1942 dictionary paper. i will also be including sheet music, and various trims, swarovski crystals, embossings, ribbon and lots, lots more. oh.. and an altered silk flower.

i'll post new listings here, but promise to do my best NOT to be sales focused. it's never been my intention to sell, and i am a bit apprehensive.

realistically there is no way for me ever to use all the paper i buy. i am so thankful that my husband NEVER sayes a word about any of it. as i was reorganizing my scraproom the only thing he said was that i should be aware that "if you bring a bag in everyday, you have to put that stuff someplace". i told him i wasn't going to stop buying paper. he wasn't asking me to, but i wanted him to understand that. he did, and i knew he was right as well. so etsy is the solution i hope will work. i can keep getting the good stuff i love. if some of you like it, just look in my shop and i'll share it with you there.

enough said.
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