Tuesday, April 17

so much to share..

i am finally done with the scraproom redo. with the last of the pink glass knobs coming in week, and picking up the new glass shelves on friday it is finally, officially, my scrappy new space. i will spruce a bit more with the pretty things i have. but other than that i can finally sit in there again and create.

i'm also busy making kits, and have to say this is going to help me create as well. i love playing with all the stuff of these, the paper and embellishements. i never knew putting these together for others would also help me see my supplies in a whole new way.

these two pictures are the among the first kits available. i definitely like the idea of having these handy enough to grab and go when i meet with friends to create. i can grab a handful of pics and a packet and be on my way knowing everything will work together.

in other news i am excited to be participating in kari's may day basket swap. there was a little snaffu with my swap partner, but all is well thanks to miss kari.

i also want to give a shout out to one miss mary and miss suzi finer ( i don't know why i can't say her first name without saying her last, they just go together like pork chops and applesause)! these two little ladies tagged me over the weekend, miss suzi as inspiration (oh my! me? yikes!), and miss mary tagged me with a {{thinking award}}. i am completely honored. i often feel like i have no creativity at all. now i know that isn't literally true, but with the plethora of goodness in blogland, flickr, and etsy it's easy to doubt one's own abilities.

so in response to both of these women i am tagging back... i hardly know who (for there are so many of you) to tag for making me think and inspiring me but i will try... i will list everyone in alphabetical order

alice lands aka: lauren mumford she is a style star

amy hanna's creations aka: fab, rockstar jewelry designer

artsy mama aka: kari i shake my head in amazement. love her stuff

lea market studio aka: lilia i stare at everything she makes hoping osmosis will occur. is it working?

heather bailey this girl studio is where i got the inspiration for my own new creative space. her fabric makes me think of popsicles in summer

pam garrison what can i say? she oozes style in pale shades

scraps of time
aka: rebecca sawyer. i adore the vintage old time look she gives all her creations, and her images are to~die~for~yummy

sweetpeas & snapshots this place inspires me to no end! i love the look suzi and mary have created in the hot spot!

teresa mcfayden cute, sweet, happy, fluff. this is the only way i can describe this creative barbie, goddess, rockstar...

and last but no least all of you with blogs, flickr photos, and websites.

i have about 40 blogs i look at daily. in other words if i'm home, i'm on my macbook. i love that women are finally networking in this way. i love the sharing, and talent, and endless inspiration. but more then anything, i'm glad that we recognize, and compliment, and freely help each other when we can. i have always been bothered by competitive women. i am so glad to be a part of a circle of creative women who are helping to end that. who knew, all this thru blogging?

so thanks to all of you who help make me, a better me. thanks for being your happy, creative, sharing selves.

cioa chickas! you rock!!

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