Monday, April 2

someone has heard my call

if you read my post from this morning, you should recognise this cabinet below, as the slightly smaller, not quite as beautiful step~sister to this. but i find her just about perfect, and loveable in every way. i adopted her right away, and will care for her like she is my own. i can't believe i found her, at my third stop this morning! and for a mere $49. call it a blessing, karma, or chance, i am thankful and beyond happy. mr warren picked her up on his way home, and i will start sanding her for a new coat of paint tomorrow.

at my first stop i found these two dresser's. i haven't purchased either, but am thinking the low cabinet with 9 drawers just may have all the space i need. that will give me 15 additional drawers. i've been looking over all my junk {opps! special art treasures} and am thinking that should be more than enough storage.

i love this little dresser as well, the painted flowers especially. but think i may need the storage of the 9 drawer dresser, as opposed to its 4. i also think it would be hard to repaint this without loosing the flowers that i like so much. i don't have room for both, unfortunately.

thanks for all your well wishes. appearently our prayers have been heard and answered. let me know what you think, as i trust your opinions.
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