Monday, April 30

Sundays Flea Market scavenger hunt, and other good stuff

Oh, the goodness you'll find if to the Flea Market you go! I had another wonderful time sunday with Vicki hunting tids & bits for us all! Take a peek at this...

I've already made a few etsy packs. there aren't many, but i can't possibly use all this stuff, and want to share it with others who love playing with it as much as i do.

The darling lamp pictured with the little Victorian sweethearts is my birthday gift from Vicki. she is the best, and yes Vicki, I love it!! all day, as i admired this and that, she would ask "do you love it, do you love it?" i wondered a few times what was wrong with her... {{not really, but kinda}}. then at last, when i saw this lamp, i said the magic words. and that was it! she told me it was my birthday gift, and said she had been wondering if she'd be able to get me anything, as i kept saying "i like it, but no. i don't love it." well, this sweet little lamp i love. what i love even more, is having a great friend like Vicki, and our days spent rummaging thru others cast off's in search of something grand.

on friday i was in san diego and my dear scrappy friend kelly, bestowed this little guy on me. isn't he the sweetest little fat bird ever?! i adore him!! he has found a permanent spot next to me, as i create.

on saturday, i found someone i'd been missing. my fairy godmother had gotten lost in omaha, trying to spy out some silver bella sneakiness for me, i suppose! she's so good like that. when miss mcFoof~a~la found her, she sent her home promptly!

and the grand finale to my weekend...

i was finally able to get a few of pam garrison's artsy wallpaper packs. OMG! if you haven't attended one of her etsy wallpaper sales, let me tell you... the buying is fast and furious! pam sells so rarely that this was my big mission this weekend. after her announcing she would release some of her treasured papers to a lucky few on friday, i had poor kelly in quite a tither, trying create something, yet constantly refreshing etsy to see when the wallpaper dutchess started listing. i finally tempted fate and hit the road home from san diego, wondering if i would miss it all. it wasn't until i got home that i read there had been a change. the sale would be sunday evening. the whole shabang, start to fast finish, was under 30 minutes. you gotta have fast fingers if your gonna keep up with these girls. alas i finished the weekend a happy, wallpapery girl.

oh, and don't forget! tomorrow is May Day and that means you can check out all the fab May Day baskets that crossed the good ol' USofA in artsy mama's swap.


and that my dears, is a what i call the makings of a perfect weekend!
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