Monday, April 2

warning: watch your step

when once begun, the jobs half done. yeah. sure.

i started cleaning and organizing my scraproom in january! i have been at it ever since. i don't know why i can't get it where i want it. i'd love for it to look like this. but that isn't what i've been going for. i just want clean, organized, and to be able to see and walk on the floor. i am so ready to get this done. so yesteday afternoon i donned my gap shirt...

i dove right in, and this is where i landed. pride goeth before a fall. so i have thrown caution to the wind, am posting picture, and hope this helps in some way yet unknown to me.

i am a messy scrapper yes, but not this messy! i will not create until this room is done {i think}. i went to the container store, no luck. i have no idea what to buy and don't really thing that containers will hold all this crap on the floor. i went to the office supple store, target, and finally even the dollar store. i did get a few containers in the end. but alas, there is no big improvement.

my husband doesn't understand what the problem is any more than i do. i have tons of energy and have no issues with tackling home improvements. but for some reason this room is not coming together. i finally showed my husband this and said this is what i wish my room looked like. by george, i think i've got it! my husband and i decided i should get rid of all his old office furniture in the room, which i have been using, and completely start over to create the space i want. "yeah", she said weakly. i have to tell you at this point i just. want. it. done.

thank goodness i like my job. job, you say?!? yes. i work extremely part time as a personal asst for a couple in newport. this is the beautiful place i call my workplace.
i guess i know where my summer funds will be going. i am now off to search craiglist, local thrift stores, and i plan to hit the rose bowl flea market on easter sunday. it's either easter, or mother's day. if this isn't done by may, i will need more than this room will ever be able to give me.

wish me well girls. i know i am not alone in trying to create a cozy space to work in. oh... and if you have any cast offs, yard sale items, shabby chic~ish junk let me know. i can pick them up anywhere in the greater los angeles & orange county area. thanks for listening.
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