Wednesday, May 30

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Lilia (of Flea Market Studio) and her daughter Darianne, met Ethyn and I for a day at Disneyland earlier this week. The weather was perfect, the lines short, and we had a great time!

I meet Lilia thru her blog, and between e-mails back and forth.
(She is just as nice in person as she comes across online) She came into So Cal for a visit this week, and we decided Disneyland would be a fun place to meet. Ethyn and Darianne are just few months apart, and became fast friends. The highlight of the day for me was seeing Darianne's reaction when Alice "in the wonderland" and the Mad Hatter appeared from nowhere, and rode The Teacups, just as we were in line behind them. As soon as Darianne spotted Miss Alice she called to her repeatedly, and unceasingly... "Alice? Hi Alice. I like you, Alice in the wonderland. Hi Alice. Hi. Alice? Alice!" It made me smile to see such genuine happiness from such a sweet little girl. Even as we rode the tea cups (spinning faster and faster) Darianne didn't take her eyes off Alice. Lilia even tried to make her stop trying to spot Alice as we twirled this way and that on our wild ride. I have to admit I started thinking, and told Lilia... "If Alice is a sweet as she looks, she had better take a picture with this child when she finishes her ride". She did, and that was the million dollar shot of the day in my opinion!

No wonder they call this The Happiest Place on Earth. I know one little girl who couldn't have been happier if she were anywhere else in the world!

Sunday, May 27

Old Towne Tustin

Sunday I went with my {{blingy}} girlfriend Vicki, to the Flea Market in Old Town Tustin. We had a great time, even caught a surprise Champagne Brunch across the street. Here are some pictures of the neighborhood, and the market.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, be sure and check it out. And the place across the street as well!


Saturday, May 26

out with the old, in with the new...

I just mailed off two big boxes full of stuff for Sharron and her girls, and what do I do in typical Dede fashion? Hit a garage sale Saturday morning. I can't help it, I am crazy! If someone ever has to go thru all the crap (sorry for the colorful language) I collect, that will be their headline, "oy! that Dede collected more crap. She must have been a little touched!"

In other news, I did take few evenings this week and work on a little book I started months ago. This is a little cast off record album I picked up at a flea market a few months ago.

I like how it's coming along, and have fun working in it.

I do however want to do a Round Robin with a couple of girls. I love the idea of sending a little art journal out into the big blue and having it return months later full of creative surprises. I think it's such a treat to work in the books of others as well. I love that this blogging world is full of like minded women who want nothing more than to make things pretty and share in a little creativity while doing it.

I'll leave you with my favorite find of the morning. How could I leave this little beauty behind at just 25 cents? I think it is darling~sweet, and hopefully will serve as my morning inspiration to gussy up just a bit.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Can't wait to read what everyone shares about theirs next week. Oh, I love this little world of blogs!

be happy!
xoxo, dede

Tuesday, May 22


thanks to Sharron from Germany who is taking all my trash and making it her treasure! She is an amazing artist, and painter.
You're going to love her art!

Well, not really "O~Rama", but I do want to send these off to someone. The never-ending story of my life is that I have too much stuff. Maybe I just have too little space. I am SO HAPPY and very thankful that I have one room to myself, but even at that I have to edit once in a while. So...

instead of doing the Flea Market I had talked about, I was thinking...

I would love to send this to someone who wants this stuff. I know it's nothing life shattering. But figuring if you can have it for free (i'll even pay to ship it to you. Ohh, Ahh), it's not such bad stuff after all. I will send it all to ONE person. I will pack it all in a box, and off it goes byedie~bye. I am still gathering bits and pieces, and will continue to add to the pack as much as one little box can hold. If you are so inclined please e-mail me at

The catch, you ask? I would like a little art pack in return. I adore vintage anything; paper, fabric scraps, cards, trims, old flowers, anything I can use in my art journals. I like soft pastel hues, I like frilly, girlie, pinks and blues. I don't expect a bunch of stuff, just a little treasure pack to use and enjoy.

Let me know if your interested. oh please, oh please, someone want this stuff!

Monday, May 21

Not much time!

I'm just trying to run out in time to meet the girls to walk, and do Pilate's. Yep, I'm still stickin to that! Weight Watchers too, 25 lbs down! Can't quite believe it.

I wanted to share a couple things before I run out the door. First of all, is this amazing pack of goods I got in a trade with Dawn over at Oh So Pretty. If you haven't been by her blog be sure and check it out. We love the same style, but I have to admit I was blown away by all she sent. I do sometimes wonder if the girls I trade with are as happy with the stuff I send as I am when I get my packs. I am not sure if Dawn sells on etsy, but I can tell you for sure this is one packed kit she sent me. I couldn't be happier, thanks so much Dawn!

Next here is sneak at the paper dolls I picked up at the Flea Market yesterday. For $5 I got both these dolls, and 5 outfits each! Don't know what I'll do with them, but I'll enjoy them for awhile!

Also last week I mentioned doing a little Flea Market online. I have kinda changed it up a bit, and will post more this evening or tomorrow.

Gotta run!
Thanks again, Dawn!

Saturday, May 19

Don't cha love the weekends?!

I love the new kit Teresa sent out this past week. I found it on my doorstep, and started while watching the season finale of Ugly Betty on Thursday. I think is one of my favorites yet, and it makes me even more excited for Silver Bella then I was before!

I was also thrilled to find an amazing pack of goodies from Lori, at Vintage Flair waiting for me on Friday. We did a swap between me, her and Dawn, over at Oh So Pretty. I love what she sent and hope she is happy with her pack as well. I love the idea of sharing stuff between those of us with similar taste and style. I'll share with you Dawn's package as soon as it arrives. Oh, so much fun!!! Here is a peek below at what Lori sent me.

I have also been able to take a little time and put together a few more packs over here. There isn't anything over $15 I don't think, can't beat that.

I had so much fun this morning rummaging yard sales, and am looking forward to my monthly stop at the flea market with Vicki tomorrow. I love what she is doing with her etsy kits! they are darling. I'm always left shaking my head wondering where she got all her good stuff, when we are shopping the same places together. She's so clever!

Hope your weekend is beautiful!!
xoxo, Dede

If you haven't heard about this yet, check it out! it looks really good. Marilyn is hosting a vintage paper swap! I think you still have time to get in on the fun.

Wednesday, May 16

Must. Get. Busy.

After a lunch cancellation this morning (hope you're feeling better soon Vicki), I have the day to myself. I have so much to do. I have had for a month. Each week as I plan my calander, I try and squeeze in one day (and preferably three) to be home with no errands to run. I really don't know how women who work get anything done. I applaud you! Standing ovation applaud! It seems the more I do, the more I have to do.

For instance, after the big redo in my scrappy room, I once again find an ever growing pile on the floor. This in the room that has only been revamped and clean for say, 6 weeks. Just yesterday I realized it's because I don't use the closet in this room.
Isn't this how it all started in the first place?! So into the hall all the precious goods go. I've learned on HGTV, you must clear the room first. Mind you, this means I have the closet to empty as well. Into the hall I stack, very carefully, so as not to cause an avalanche! I figure if I run to Target, grab a few bins for the closet stuff to go into the garage in, then I can be back home, clear half of the hall, take it into the garage with blinders on, so as not to get sidetracked here, and be half done in two hours. I grab a diet coke, head back into the battlefield, and what's that?! I hear something. Peeking out the window, it is none other than Mr Warren and son headed for the front door. I holler out the open window, "don't be scared!" (watching them navigate the hall all evening was the cause of many skewed remarks, and much laughter) What it means when my husband comes home, is basically everything I was doing stops. At least for a while. See, more to do; hello greetings, what are doing home at 2:00 questions, are you hungry, shall I make an early dinner, etc.. And so my theory proves true; the more I do, the more I have to do.

And so this is where today finds me. I won't show you any pictures, as that just creates more to do. Now that I think of it, maybe I have that hoarders disease. You know, the one where you hold onto everything, and don't accomplish much because you question doing it all just right?! Kinda sounds like me.
*for Mary, Susan, and the others who wanted me to list 7 weird things about myself... this has to cover at least of few of those!

Wish me luck. Now that I have the day to myself, I will not leave my house. I didn't get the storage bins yesterday, and I am not getting them today. I know if I leave, I will not get home as quickly as I'd like. I will remember to get the milk we are out of, I will past the post office and run in for a few of the new 2 cent stamps, I will tell myself the bank is just around the corner and I can make my deposit, which puts me so close to the cleaners, it would be wasteful not to stop.

Taking my cue from Teresa, I will put on some clutter clearing tunes, grab a diet coke, and head of into the war zone. Oh, and miss thang...if you're reading this, heres another one for ya...

How do you think I'm going to get along
Without you when you're gone
You took me for everything that I had
And kicked me out on my own

Monday, May 14

Everythings coming up roses

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. The weather here was perfectly beautiful. My day was spent with my husband, children, and grandson. What more could I ask for!?
I hope your day was spent with those who make you happy!

My gifts included a few new roses for our new rose garden. I have wanted all of these for such a long time. The first is a David Austin rose, which blooms in pale pink clusters, and I love! The second pictured is named Sentimental, and I adore it's strips! It's my favorite. Lastly I love this yellow old fashioned, but don't know the name, as it is mistaged. No matter, I still adore it.

I finally got the first of the new fabric packs listed here. Most of these first packs are in pinks, and rose colors. I will be listing many more packs, in greens, blues, yellows, and more. These are fabric samples, from fabrics made in France and Italy among other countries. These are really wonderful quality fabrics. I have them packed, and they are 5.99 each. Since these are sample packs, they are one of a kind. I have only one sample of each fabric, so if you see something you like, don't let it get away!

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day!

I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you spend it with those you love, and those who love you!

xoxo, dede

Friday, May 11


can we reschedule? i am so swamped that i didn't have time to ready my wares for the flea market this weekend.

i didn't realize i was going to hit the mother load on art supplies today. yup! you heard me right. my son travis and i scored some wonderful new stuff this afternoon. basically a trunk load of it. i will try and have some kits and packs ready over the weekend. once i do, you'll find them here.

i just love finding great new supplies for us all to share in. i even got a few of the girls to do a little swap~a~roo with me. i love the idea of swappin a few special finds, with ya'll from here and there. stuff i can't come across in these neck of the woods.

ya'll hear me? i'm talk like i'm a country girl. well, this becky is outta here. i think i have had enough of this week, and i am ready for the weekend!

cheers to ya'll girlfriends!

Wednesday, May 9

flea market

Well, I have decided a bit of clearing out is in order, and am planning a little flea market of my own this weekend. I will hold it online, right here, this weekend. I am shooting for Saturday morning. I will post photos what I'm getting rid off. If you're interested in something you can e-mail me. I am not sure how much I have, but so far I've gathered a few plates, a bird cage, a sweet little doll, and a bit more. Check back soon, I may start listing as early as Friday.

I'm off to gather the goods...

Sunday, May 6

my weekend in pictures

18 years ago, we never could have dreamed that
this day would find us grandparents to
Miss Hailey Clair.

that's right, today is
our 18th anniversary.
after going to visit our little miss,
we went back to the park where we were married. we were even there at the same time we were married. there was a birthday party going on, and one of the mothers took a few pictures for us. it is as beautiful to me now, as it was then.
here is the sweet wrapper pam garrison sent her vintage wallpaper packs in.
it's like my very own Pam G original, well... kinda.
i've also been putting a few kits together. you can see then here.

i hope your weekend was as happy as ours. everyone have a great week, and thanks for all your kind words for us and our wee one.
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