Monday, May 21

Not much time!

I'm just trying to run out in time to meet the girls to walk, and do Pilate's. Yep, I'm still stickin to that! Weight Watchers too, 25 lbs down! Can't quite believe it.

I wanted to share a couple things before I run out the door. First of all, is this amazing pack of goods I got in a trade with Dawn over at Oh So Pretty. If you haven't been by her blog be sure and check it out. We love the same style, but I have to admit I was blown away by all she sent. I do sometimes wonder if the girls I trade with are as happy with the stuff I send as I am when I get my packs. I am not sure if Dawn sells on etsy, but I can tell you for sure this is one packed kit she sent me. I couldn't be happier, thanks so much Dawn!

Next here is sneak at the paper dolls I picked up at the Flea Market yesterday. For $5 I got both these dolls, and 5 outfits each! Don't know what I'll do with them, but I'll enjoy them for awhile!

Also last week I mentioned doing a little Flea Market online. I have kinda changed it up a bit, and will post more this evening or tomorrow.

Gotta run!
Thanks again, Dawn!
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