Wednesday, May 30

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Lilia (of Flea Market Studio) and her daughter Darianne, met Ethyn and I for a day at Disneyland earlier this week. The weather was perfect, the lines short, and we had a great time!

I meet Lilia thru her blog, and between e-mails back and forth.
(She is just as nice in person as she comes across online) She came into So Cal for a visit this week, and we decided Disneyland would be a fun place to meet. Ethyn and Darianne are just few months apart, and became fast friends. The highlight of the day for me was seeing Darianne's reaction when Alice "in the wonderland" and the Mad Hatter appeared from nowhere, and rode The Teacups, just as we were in line behind them. As soon as Darianne spotted Miss Alice she called to her repeatedly, and unceasingly... "Alice? Hi Alice. I like you, Alice in the wonderland. Hi Alice. Hi. Alice? Alice!" It made me smile to see such genuine happiness from such a sweet little girl. Even as we rode the tea cups (spinning faster and faster) Darianne didn't take her eyes off Alice. Lilia even tried to make her stop trying to spot Alice as we twirled this way and that on our wild ride. I have to admit I started thinking, and told Lilia... "If Alice is a sweet as she looks, she had better take a picture with this child when she finishes her ride". She did, and that was the million dollar shot of the day in my opinion!

No wonder they call this The Happiest Place on Earth. I know one little girl who couldn't have been happier if she were anywhere else in the world!
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