Wednesday, May 16

Must. Get. Busy.

After a lunch cancellation this morning (hope you're feeling better soon Vicki), I have the day to myself. I have so much to do. I have had for a month. Each week as I plan my calander, I try and squeeze in one day (and preferably three) to be home with no errands to run. I really don't know how women who work get anything done. I applaud you! Standing ovation applaud! It seems the more I do, the more I have to do.

For instance, after the big redo in my scrappy room, I once again find an ever growing pile on the floor. This in the room that has only been revamped and clean for say, 6 weeks. Just yesterday I realized it's because I don't use the closet in this room.
Isn't this how it all started in the first place?! So into the hall all the precious goods go. I've learned on HGTV, you must clear the room first. Mind you, this means I have the closet to empty as well. Into the hall I stack, very carefully, so as not to cause an avalanche! I figure if I run to Target, grab a few bins for the closet stuff to go into the garage in, then I can be back home, clear half of the hall, take it into the garage with blinders on, so as not to get sidetracked here, and be half done in two hours. I grab a diet coke, head back into the battlefield, and what's that?! I hear something. Peeking out the window, it is none other than Mr Warren and son headed for the front door. I holler out the open window, "don't be scared!" (watching them navigate the hall all evening was the cause of many skewed remarks, and much laughter) What it means when my husband comes home, is basically everything I was doing stops. At least for a while. See, more to do; hello greetings, what are doing home at 2:00 questions, are you hungry, shall I make an early dinner, etc.. And so my theory proves true; the more I do, the more I have to do.

And so this is where today finds me. I won't show you any pictures, as that just creates more to do. Now that I think of it, maybe I have that hoarders disease. You know, the one where you hold onto everything, and don't accomplish much because you question doing it all just right?! Kinda sounds like me.
*for Mary, Susan, and the others who wanted me to list 7 weird things about myself... this has to cover at least of few of those!

Wish me luck. Now that I have the day to myself, I will not leave my house. I didn't get the storage bins yesterday, and I am not getting them today. I know if I leave, I will not get home as quickly as I'd like. I will remember to get the milk we are out of, I will past the post office and run in for a few of the new 2 cent stamps, I will tell myself the bank is just around the corner and I can make my deposit, which puts me so close to the cleaners, it would be wasteful not to stop.

Taking my cue from Teresa, I will put on some clutter clearing tunes, grab a diet coke, and head of into the war zone. Oh, and miss thang...if you're reading this, heres another one for ya...

How do you think I'm going to get along
Without you when you're gone
You took me for everything that I had
And kicked me out on my own
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