Sunday, May 6

my weekend in pictures

18 years ago, we never could have dreamed that
this day would find us grandparents to
Miss Hailey Clair.

that's right, today is
our 18th anniversary.
after going to visit our little miss,
we went back to the park where we were married. we were even there at the same time we were married. there was a birthday party going on, and one of the mothers took a few pictures for us. it is as beautiful to me now, as it was then.
here is the sweet wrapper pam garrison sent her vintage wallpaper packs in.
it's like my very own Pam G original, well... kinda.
i've also been putting a few kits together. you can see then here.

i hope your weekend was as happy as ours. everyone have a great week, and thanks for all your kind words for us and our wee one.
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