Friday, May 11


can we reschedule? i am so swamped that i didn't have time to ready my wares for the flea market this weekend.

i didn't realize i was going to hit the mother load on art supplies today. yup! you heard me right. my son travis and i scored some wonderful new stuff this afternoon. basically a trunk load of it. i will try and have some kits and packs ready over the weekend. once i do, you'll find them here.

i just love finding great new supplies for us all to share in. i even got a few of the girls to do a little swap~a~roo with me. i love the idea of swappin a few special finds, with ya'll from here and there. stuff i can't come across in these neck of the woods.

ya'll hear me? i'm talk like i'm a country girl. well, this becky is outta here. i think i have had enough of this week, and i am ready for the weekend!

cheers to ya'll girlfriends!
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