Saturday, May 26

out with the old, in with the new...

I just mailed off two big boxes full of stuff for Sharron and her girls, and what do I do in typical Dede fashion? Hit a garage sale Saturday morning. I can't help it, I am crazy! If someone ever has to go thru all the crap (sorry for the colorful language) I collect, that will be their headline, "oy! that Dede collected more crap. She must have been a little touched!"

In other news, I did take few evenings this week and work on a little book I started months ago. This is a little cast off record album I picked up at a flea market a few months ago.

I like how it's coming along, and have fun working in it.

I do however want to do a Round Robin with a couple of girls. I love the idea of sending a little art journal out into the big blue and having it return months later full of creative surprises. I think it's such a treat to work in the books of others as well. I love that this blogging world is full of like minded women who want nothing more than to make things pretty and share in a little creativity while doing it.

I'll leave you with my favorite find of the morning. How could I leave this little beauty behind at just 25 cents? I think it is darling~sweet, and hopefully will serve as my morning inspiration to gussy up just a bit.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Can't wait to read what everyone shares about theirs next week. Oh, I love this little world of blogs!

be happy!
xoxo, dede
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