Tuesday, May 22


thanks to Sharron from Germany who is taking all my trash and making it her treasure! She is an amazing artist, and painter.
You're going to love her art!

Well, not really "O~Rama", but I do want to send these off to someone. The never-ending story of my life is that I have too much stuff. Maybe I just have too little space. I am SO HAPPY and very thankful that I have one room to myself, but even at that I have to edit once in a while. So...

instead of doing the Flea Market I had talked about, I was thinking...

I would love to send this to someone who wants this stuff. I know it's nothing life shattering. But figuring if you can have it for free (i'll even pay to ship it to you. Ohh, Ahh), it's not such bad stuff after all. I will send it all to ONE person. I will pack it all in a box, and off it goes byedie~bye. I am still gathering bits and pieces, and will continue to add to the pack as much as one little box can hold. If you are so inclined please e-mail me at Dedendwight@msn.com.

The catch, you ask? I would like a little art pack in return. I adore vintage anything; paper, fabric scraps, cards, trims, old flowers, anything I can use in my art journals. I like soft pastel hues, I like frilly, girlie, pinks and blues. I don't expect a bunch of stuff, just a little treasure pack to use and enjoy.

Let me know if your interested. oh please, oh please, someone want this stuff!
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