Sunday, June 24

Home Sweet Home

a weekend away
visiting a new state
5 women
a near miss running out of gas, in the middle of the dessert, 112 degree heat (super yikes! lots of panicky screams from me in the backseat ;-(
happily finding a worker on a farm, with a HUGE gas tank
many thanks!!!!!!
1 sick spell
{{paperwork}}listing hot shopping spots in Phoenix
including driving directions, hours, and comments from customers.
Too. Much. Shopping.
loads of unbelievably great finds
1 HAPPY day spent with Sparkle Bella's creating 4 GREAT projects
the happiness of meeting new friends
trinkets and treasures shared among friends old and new
and laughter
shameful fun
a little drama
and heaps of glitter

These are the makings of a great weekend in Phoenix for the amazing
Sparkle Bella!

Special thanks to the Bella instructors for putting together one FAB event! It was so nice to meet all of you. Thanks for making my weekend one I'll won't soon forget.
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