Sunday, June 17

I second that emotion!

This week Michele wrote about the obsession swaps can become. I couldn't agree more! And wallpaper... don't even get me started. I have been buying it up like mad! I feel like Sam I Am.

Would you, could you in a house? Yes I would, in a house, and with a mouse, in a car, or on a bar. I love wallpaper in a car, and on a bar. I love wallpaper near or far.

That is one reason I am looking forward to Pam Garrison's class at Silver Bella. I am hoping this Grand Dame of Wallpaper, will show me what to do with all of it!

I have also been swapping and trading like crazy. Here are a few of the great things that I've gotten in the post the past couple of weeks. This great paper pack below was sent to me by Marilyn. It was my vintage paper pack from her swap by the same name. There is old wallpaper and LOTS of goodness in this little baby {ethyn's newest quote}.
This paper pack is an artist trade I got from Heather. I am so bad (aka:late)! I asked her about doing a trade, and I just got her pack off to her. I am so sorry for being so late in sending mine! It is on it's way at LONG last.
This bundle is from a trade I did with Bonnie who lives in Africa (which is amazing to me, though I don't know why). I love the idea of getting something from so far away. I love all the things she sent. Oh... and I will post photo's of the great ATC's she sent me as well. I so love these little pieces of art, but afraid I am no good at making them myself. So glad Bonnie was willing to send me hers anyways. Just love them!
Of course it wouldn't be the weekend with a little jaunt to the Flea Market this morning... and it didn't disappoint! I got all these great rosaries from a woman for free! I have wanted a rosary for soo long but they can be really expensive (especially when you want to break it apart for art and other stuff). When I asked this morning how much the bag full of these were the lady told me I could have them, because she thought it would be wrong to take money for them! Aren't they great?! Some are just cheap plastic but others are really beautiful! Now I can't imagine tearing them apart, and plan to hang them as a group on my hutch in my scraproom.
These fab vintage flowers below were $1 each. Happy, happy, happy!
I was looking for French images for a new little book and box I am working on. I was happy to find these for only $3. I know they are reproduction, but no matter. I think the images will be perfect for my little project.

These maybe my favorite find today. I got all these vintage buttons for $10. I think I will use some in my art journals, and the others to spruse up an old sweater or two.

I am absolutely wiped out this past week. I finished helping a girlfriend with a couple of projects for CKU. She (her store Scrapbook Oasis) is a sponsor and wanted to make 400 felt bags as giveaways to the participants. Yes, 400! She also asked me if I could make a few aprons for the girls and volunteers to wear over the weekend. I think they all turned out darling. But it sure kicked my butt! Don't worry I made out like a bandit in our own little swap~a~roo. She and her husband went to Paris in the midst of all this, and went to the famed Paris Flea Market for me and brought back SO MUCH stuff as my reward for the sewing! I lOVE everything, and am sorry I haven't taken pictures of it all. I just stare and it, and shake my head at how lucky I am to have such good friends. Thanks Karen and Jeff, you guys are the best!
Thanks to ALL of you girls, that so generously send me such great new stuff for me to create with. I am obviously open to trades so if you are so inclined... just let me know! Have great week, and happy Fathers Day to all the great dad's out there!
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