Thursday, June 28

Inspiration Overload ~ part deux

Mystic Paper was a definite favorite of mine in Phoenix. It is a mix of The Art Bar and a scrapbook store. The owner Jennifer so fell in love with Orange County's own Art Bar that after seeing it, she was inspired to open her own shoppe. It is wonderful! If I lived closer this could easily become my home away from home! Kim and Jennifer have a real gem in this sweet place, a creators haven for sure. Oh, and note the pictures that line the top of the ceiling, those are all family and friends of theirs! Don't you love that?!

Sparkle Bella, Sparkle Bella, Sparkle Bella~ what to say!? Kim Kwan, Teresa McFayden, Marilyn Healey, and Carolyn Peeler created great projects for us. I don't about you, but lots of times I'll take a class with a teachers who's style I like even if the project isn't a favorite. I find I learn so much in classes gleaning bits and pieces of information from these women. Well all the projects we made are keepers. Take a peek ... oh, and check out Miss Bella herself. Can you see the sparkle in her eyes? What a princess!

These are the spoons from the spoon swap. I had no idea what to expect in an altered spoon swap, but I never could have imagined this kind of talent. they really were unbelievable.
And these two sweeties Annette and Kathie, made EVERYONE a book! Each was different, this is the one I chose. Thanks again, I just love my new journal. I think I will take it to Silver Bella and use it as my trip journal!

This weekend in Phoenix was my first time traveling for classes. A year ago I would have told you I was not one to take classes. But I am a changed woman. I like the sharing and inspiring that goes hand in hand with classes. I learn not only from the teachers, but also from the others in the classes. Thanks to all of you for a great weekend! See you Bella's in November.
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