Tuesday, June 26

Phoenix Shopping Extravaganza!

For the past year I have heard of heaps of great shopping spots in Phoenix. One of the girls in our Bella Bunch, Kim planned and plotted our shopping route down to the tiniest detail. She did a phenomenal job, and the shops did not disappoint! Kim had mapquested each destination complete with driving directions from one shoppe to the next, store hours, customer comments and more. Probably the only thing I didn't take a pic of was her folder which she referred to as {{the paperwork}} all weekend. LOL, so funny! But let me tell ya, that paperwork and Kim's hard work delivered! We founds scads of great stuff, and each of us being the shopping diva's we are, cheered each other on as we found one great thing after another. I so appreciate that women don't once consider how they and all their trinkets, and the trinkets of 3 others will mash into one car to head for the 6 hour trip home. Oy, the fun of it all, good times!

Melrose Vintage was one shoppe I REALLY wanted to see. And see it we did, ever nook and cranny.

That Helle is one snappy dresser, let me tell you!! So stinkin cute! Another amazing store is Domestic Bliss in downtown Mesa. After seeing this store, I want to complete redecorate my little love shack.

That's all for today folks. Stay tuned for tomorrows slide show featuring photos from Mystic Paper (super love), and Sparkle Bella.

Ciao chickas, xoxo...
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